It was also Cowon’s first player to feature a navigational joystick instead of the 2 rockers found on most previous releases. Features included FM radio, voice recording and Cowon’s traditional wide codec support: Specifically, once you leave the attractive, colorful main menu which consists of six straightforward options and delve into your media collection, it’s not always obvious how to maneuver. The sound was far more appealing with my Ultimate Ears super. It was the first digital audio player to feature a 0. The support for audio files was also enhanced from previous models:

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I do wish the video played back at a higher frame rate, but as an audio player, the U3 is about as versatile as they come. Navigation is fairly easy.

It now supports up to Q8 with V1. Video frame rate isn’t high enough. It requires two different desktop utilities.

What set it apart from other players was the fact that it had different backlight colour combinations. The T2 was a necklace type audio player. The included JetAudio conversion software does a nice job of transcoding plenty of different file types for the U3, and it’s reasonably easy to use.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. The frame rate of video playback was limited to 15 frames per second. The U3 does not perform gapless playback, however, despite its support for OGG and FLAC files, both of which are designed so they can be played back without silence between two continuous tracks such as those found on concert albums.


Although colors are a bit drab, the bright backlight makes them look more vivid than they do on the iPod nano’s comparatively dim screen.

More digital music player reviews: It included an updated reverb algorithm, allowing the user to choose between nine different types of reverb timbresincluding ChamberRoomClubHallAuditoriumCathedralStadiumCanyon and Long. We’d say that this new joystick is a tad mushier than the iAudio U2’s pinpoint control.

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My frequency response and distortion tests revealed that the U3’s output with the included earbuds and with EQ and sound enhancement options disabled is fairly strong in all audible registers, with slightly better-than-average bass response and a clean signal even at maximum volume. It has a slightly larger version of the same small four-way joystick, the same line-in and headphone jacks at one end, and the same USB port at the other end.

The iAudio U3 also bears a hold switch. It has video playback capabilities, but given the tiny screen, they’re not exactly its main attraction. Fans of FM radio can enjoy the U3’s capabilities in that area; it not only plays and records FM but also lets you record at scheduled times. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Cowon iAudio U3

The default settings enable many of the sound-enhancement settings, so you may want to turn them all off or to 0 and start from scratch to get the sound that matches your headphones and listening preferences. The player was Cowon’s first DAP with an integrated 1.


This does not affect our rating. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in He is also a working trumpet player in and around Cowoj York City.

It was also Cowon’s first player to feature a navigational joystick cwon of the 2 rockers found on most previous releases. Joystick can be tricky to push straight in. You can choose from a variety of bit rates, from 32Kbps to Kbps. Cowon iAudio U3 Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted But even if you’re willing to watch video cowoh the U3’s Lilliputian screen, you probably won’t like the rate: It was powered by an AAA battery which allowed for a maximum playback time of up to 20 hours. The iAudio U3’s recording options don’t end with FM; the player also supports voice and line-in recording. Don’t show this again. Digital audio players Portable media players South Korean brands Consumer electronics brands.

The only accessories are earbud headphones, a stereo ckwon cable, a USB cable, and a keychain-wearable USB dongle for on-the-go file transfers a nice touch.