Stetson 21 Dec But I sold it to a friend. RobS 29 Dec I think it shows an attention to detail on Miura’s part and its good, I just don’t know that it really means much as far as the overall quality of the forging or the club. Add Distance with More Core Power.

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I want to play steel shafts in my irons and graphite if I got hybrids, Im usually a stiff flex in both, it really helps me keep the head straight at impact. They seem to go wushon. Blades though they are enticing to say the least are not the right iron for me and my game. Should I buy Tom Wishon clubs? The RS10 wedges perfectly compliment these superb performing irons.

Part 2 of Our Exclusive Interview with Tom Wishon

Sure we can do a custom shaft upgrade. Equal in distance to all top brands, better accuracy in our fitted drivers. How much would the average golfer save if he only replaced his irons when they actually wore out, not simply because something new came out?

I am a firefighter for a living and I am in pretty decent shape, im not saying im a bodybuilder or a triathlon but I have no major injuries and a decent swing. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Not a single one of my iron heads was more than a degree off on lie or loft from the factory where I have seen big name companies be two and even three degrees off. Great article and one that is very true in all respects.


So my league partner and I are headed to the heated driving range.

The time now is I would expect them to be a bit higher than Maltby et. Superb quality and stylish looks. I’ve no doubt that Miura makes the best clubs out there, but the benefit between Miura and Wishon is probably immeasurably small.

The distributor in Canada found out I was playing there irons and did something very nice and unexpected for me. I was so disappointed. Sleek, simple and long, offering great launch angles and low spin.

Miura offers a more technically perfect product that should have some valuemost would say they feel better than anything else that also has valueand I believe most who play them will never want to buy anything else – and over time, for equipment junkies like me, that’s a tremendous savings.

We also maintain an online listing of screened, certified custom clubmakers. ZB’s are almost as pretty.

2017 Catalogue Available

It publishes eight issues annually and proudly delivers daily content via www. As much as I believe that Miura makes the best product in golf, I can’t say there is an iron in xost lineup I could earnestly recommend to a beginner. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. If you like the Wishon clubs, go for it. But how much value can this perfection offer the average Joe?


Wishon mc Price? – WRX Club Techs – GolfWRX

Wilson S2 R-Series 1 Putter is new. We are an authorized Wishon dealer.

Dallas Golf wants to buy your But I sold it to a friend. But since you’re asking our 2 eishon, here’s mine: Now certainly there could be exceptions. The thing is, each and every head that comes out of the Miura factory is hand inspected. Grips are mid size rubber karma in ave condition but fully useable.

I took it back, and hit it on their monitor, and hit it great.