Purpose According to user request, selects which has priority, the recovery time from preheat or energy saver. If none, replace cooling fan Cooling fan motor 5 coil. Page 2 Adjusting the positions of the front side registration cursor, rear side registration cursor and trailing edge registration cursor reference Perform the following adjustment if paper registration is poor or stapling is made outside the specified area. Remove the four screws holding the lower right cover and then the cover. Purpose To prevent the image at the trailing edge, or right or left side of the paper from not being copied b y setting the actual size of the folio paper used. If Deck level switch 2 does not turn on deck motor 1. Turn the four leveling bolts until they reach the floor and adjust them to level the machine.

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Faxes received can be printed or sent to folders on the network. Reinstall the printing system into the shield cover, fastening it into place with 2 screws.

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Detects the width of paper on the bypass tray. No developing bias Defective high-voltage is output.

Tape Figure Install the optional paper feeder or large paper deck. Replace the bypass separation, bypass paper feed and bypass forwarding pulleys.


If the display shows the message requesting toner replenishment, replace the cartridge. Desk safety switch DSSW Purpose To set the telephone number to call service when installing the machine. Check for the longitudinal squareness of the copy image, and if it is not obtained, perform the longitudinal squareness adjustment.

Remove the tape securing the cushioning material for the stapler unit, and remove the Scanne material cushioning material.

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It stores and evens up the paper scajner from the paper conveying section and returns the stack of paper to the paper conveying section.

Drum separation claw assemblies 2. Feedshift guide assembly Conveying cover Figure 3. The detected original width is displayed as a numerical value with the decimals omitted. Hang the modular cover onto the holes on the controller-box cover, and fasten it into place with 1 screw.

Page Paper misfeed detection 1 Paper misfeed indication When a paper jam occurs, the machine immediately stops operation. Purpose Sets the code when replacing the main PCB scannr the like.

Remove the ozone filter A from the conveying cover. Remove the two screws and detach the Fan duct Connector connector and then remove copystzr fan duct. Page Machine cross section Paper path Figure Move the original insertion guides to check the detection status of the original size width switch. If does not change state from non- poor contact. Create superior output, all from the Touch Screen Interface. U U U U main scanning auxiliary scanning P.


The ability to set auto reporting, e-mail notifications and alerts also allows Administrators to address any issues or problems in real-time. Remove the two screws securing the feedshift guide assembly and then the assembly.

Figure Procedure Upper left cover Select the motor to be operated.

Page Installing the desk dehumidifier service part Desk dehumidifier installation requires the following parts: Check if the center of the paper and that of test pattern output the test pattern output are aligned. U U U U Also check for continuity within the con- operate.

U Ocpystar messages Description Displays a list of messages on the touch panel of the operation panel. Paper deck motors 1 and 2 are identical.

Defective high-voltage transformer PCB. Then go back to step 2.