All other steps will be the same. I was just logging back in to append http: Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. The only way to kill the sequence is to shut off the cutter, turn it back on and remeasure media once more. Now hold the Enter button until the origin of the cutter is set. That coupled with our changes to the driver for the cutter works just fine.

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SP ; Get plotting area: A lot of plotters use nul modem wiring but many Chinese brands use either straight-thru or non standard wiring.

Reply 10 — Reply 5 — This will take you to the cutter screen of SignBlazer Copam cp usb where you can see a representation of how your cut will be made when sent to the cutter as well as various cutter options. Please Login or Register. I could still get the cutter to now cut the design but it would never actually end doing it. Reply 3 – Reply 6 — The only way to kill the sequence is to shut off the cutter, turn it back on and remeasure media once more.


Copam Motherboard (With Serial or USB Port)

Setup will then be completed and you will be taken to the main SignCut screen. Essentially it freezes up.

I’m definitely keeping my dongle edition of SignGo! Probably much easier tyo stick with USB as you say. From 250 Pause Screen you can enter the Setup Screen to change the main settings of the cutter, cancel the current cut, or exit the pause 250 and continue cutting. PU; ; did not c-p End:. None SignGo Flow Control: Thanks for the kind comments here and on the US Cutter forum, I’m happy everything is now working well.

When you are finished, you can go back to the main Copam cp usb screen by pressing the Finish button in the top selection menu. Oh and I bought a Tripp-Lite Keyspan Adapter and a Null Modem Serial Cable too today to try that route but I can’t get that to work at all yet no communication with cutter whatsoever so I reverted back to USB connection which works to an extent as we’ve been discussing. Now SignBlazer is open and you are looking at the main Copam cp usb screen.

Hello Kevin, thank you for your reply. Reply 2 — PDContinue line: Page 25 Now hold the Enter copam cp usb until the origin of ksb cutter is set. Reply 2 — However here is what is greyed out at the moment.


In fact it actually scared me ha ha! Perhaps the manual might give you pinouts for the port copam cp usb the plotter, then copqm correct wiring can be worked out. We shall update the Copam drivers some time soon.

Reply 12 – According to the Keyspan software everything tests fine but the copxm doesn’t do anything and I get errors in the Print Cue when sent from SignGo.

September 2, Desktops. Please Login or Register. PU; Line: Thank you so much for working with me on this.


I will try what you suggest right now and report back to this thread. More to follow – character limit reached.

Select Copam cp usb from the top selection menu. Select Cutter from the top selection menu.