Boot PS2 first let it go long enough to display a screen before turning monitor on. Works, but doesn’t appear to want to switch between the two VGA inputs – will only support either PC or PS2 connection, and whichever was there first takes priority. Tested and works perfectly with this cable http: Can see funny shapes when displaying test screen. I think it’s the 4i. Works great after that.

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HP Monitors

Be sure to go into the third menu and set Clamp Pulse Position to Back or the display will be green-tinted. I had the moitors blinking problem too – to fix this, turn on monitor, and turn off PS2 from switch in back of system, connect everything, and then power up the PS Manufactured by Panasonic and made in Japan model.

Kicks d2808s on boot screen. If only I could get the OS to switch from to The sync is off. Monitors by Rick Broida Sep 24, Called “Belinea Netherlands”, told only expensive models support SoG, not “starters”. Brought home without any changes and booted with P and works.


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Works perfectly think its a Sony rebrand. Add this to your site. Switching to other consoles possible.

I think it’s the 4i. No need to turn off and on to reset SoG. No response until lead disconnected; either doesn’t sense monitor or shuts down when no sync. Flashing image in X windows.

Came on d2808s about 7 seconds. Have to reboot my pc after testing to reset the monitor – it gets screwed up trying to test on ps2. It takes a while for it to react. Blank Screen, power off and on with PS2 on and it will give you self test with rolling image.

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Please correct my previous “not working”: VGA, and is a perfect match for the PS2 casework. Monitors by Lori Grunin Sep 24, 2d808a would imagine the rest in the range should work fine too. I used another monitor to get a few screens in and then i could use this montior. Does not explicitly support SOG in Spec. Unit was manufactured in !


Amazingly crisp picture plus two video-sources – probably the best choise for PS2 and PC. Worked the first time after some unplugging and reconnecting, then didn’t work at all. After that it works great. Has to unplug the video cable, reboots then replug cable. Sceptre says its their only SOG monitor.

Sometime I think that this monitor has been developed for the Playstation Linux Kit: Monotors by Lori Grunin Oct 15, The newer ones, without BNC, do not work.