When hitting a ball, you both compress and deform the ball, but the rate is higher for deforming than compressing. If your swing speed is less than 85 mph, a low-compression golf ball is likely to be your best choice. Good luck with that one. Sign up for a new account in our community. Livestrong Sports and Fitness Sports Golf.

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Fall colors pre peak. But Jamo I think what tends to happen in these discussions is the linking of several “at contact” ideas. In my opinion it is a combination of clubhead speed, solid contact and tbe Zeph mentions forward shaft lean is critical.

These balls tend to last longer than low-compression balls made for better players and they cost bal, less. If I’m swinging the club at “x” MPH then that it.

The only way to swing up on a golf ball is for the low point of the swing to be before the golf ball, right? The best low-compression ball for you is the one that flies longest and truest, not necessarily the most expensive ball or the ball from the biggest name manufacturer.

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Golf balls are one of the main components of a good golf game, with compression potentially serving as a major factor in improving your handicap. If your swing speed is less than 85 mph, a low-compression golf ball is likely to be your best choice.

What Is Golf Ball Compression? | Golfweek

Everyone knows with your driver you want to be on the upswing when you hit the ball, because of the small loft it helps get the ball in the air. Fit to Be Tried. Want to join this community?

Even if my shaft is leaning forward and my hand flat, if the speed is 65 mph, the ball ain’t goin’ far coz the speed is too slow. Irons are arguably the toughest compdessing to hit in the bag. By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. The folks who are saying it is a Christmas movie appear to be doing it tongue-and-cheek for the most part.

Compress the Ball with Right Arm Drill

Compression creates density in the golf ball, which may affect distance and loft. He attended Edinboro Univerity of Pennsylvania where he studied journalism. There are tons of volf here about it. When playing in cold weather, a higher compressed ball will have the feel of a rock because of the density and cold temperatures.


Open Qualifier June 27, Leave a comment. Obviously you are not going to get any compression if the bottom of your swing is behind the ball. You can swing up on a tee’d golf ball because there’s room beneath the ball for the club to move upward. bqll

What Is Golf Ball Compression?

Many golf ball manufacturers print the compression and description on the package. You want to compress the ball. Does anyone have any suggestions for compressing the ball? The lower compression of comprsesing ball results in the ball ;travelling farther as the club’s energy creates energy, transferring it to the ball.

Compress The Ball For Better Iron Shots

OK so, Stiking a 5 iron off the turf is better with a slightly descending AoA. The Best Type of Golf Ball.

Excellent comments by Zeph and Joekelly. Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie. Good luck with that one. Brian Peck 27 years old. The popup will be closed in 10 seconds