Realtek RTL Ethernet [ Retrieved from ” https: Anyway lets go back to the MODification. Credits goes to deathshed of smoothie homebrew. Adzapping with Squid 10 years 4 months ago The ‘Naughtyness limit’ is set in the dansguardianf1. Win2k driver successfully installs and runs perfectly as of r

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If you want to remove DG completely then use the following command: Worked fine with the D-Link driver provided on the CD. Tested on real hardware, device works without any issue. Driver fails to auto negotiate proper connection speed Mb sets as 1Gb instead.

sanos supported hardware

See the rp100 about Dansguardian for more information. Driver is detected and installed on real hardware with livecddbg added Intel drivers to ISO.

Personal tools Log in. Prerequisites You Need the Following Installed in this order: RDP connection was successful.

Compex RL 100 TX Free Driver Download

This works much more powerful if combine it with opendns. ReactOS started freezing after the install.

It listens to network traffic on a named interface and displays a table of current bandwidth usage by pairs of hosts. This is actually also available on official site hosted by sourceforge.


Rebooted and ran the install again. First time installing there were error messages about the installer being corrupted and it didn’t want to copy many files over.

Compex rltx/pci() Free Driver Download for Windows 98SE

The Advanced log Analyzer is located on the “Logs” tab, again under “Content Filter” Clicking on any of the “Descriptions” on each page will bring up help about the item clicked. I copied the driver files from XP and it installed with no problem. To make your changes take effect, restart Squid by going to the xompex configuration page on your Smoothwall box, and clicking the ” Save ” button.

Afterwards I had to go to Device Manager, update the Ethernet Controller to that specific compx, then as soon as the drivers list updated it installed. Keep in mind that the file you’re creating will be used prior to the main pattern list. Windows XP [1] Note that it may require another search.

Please update this page with the status of each NIC that is tested. Open a SSH connection to your Smoothwall, and run the following commands to unzip the Ad Zap tarball adjust the tarball name as clmpex See bug 2 below, you need to use expand. Installs with Windows driver but doesn’t connect fails to assign valid IP.


It is now possible to have more than 1 level of configuration and filter at different levels for different clients. You need to use expand.

CONFIG_WINBOND_840: Winbond W89c840 Ethernet support

In this file, add a line for each additional rule you want to ad to Ad Zap. Powered by Kunena Forum.

Yahoo Messenger – This image comped hidden for guests. An Advanced Log Reporting Tool can audit usage of all web surfing activity. Smoothwall guide 10 years 4 months ago Then just type iftop To exit just press Q. Configuration The Installation script aoutomagically determines your Green IP info and fills in the relevant parts of the config file for you.

Unified Lanshop Owners Portal.