Sounds a little strange when striking ball. Posted March 5, Cant recomend it highly enough. Speed-tuned for moderate ball speeds, the L4V M Driver was engineered to get the most out of every swing. I used it for one year, occassionally changing the face from neutral to 1 degree closed then back to neutral. The only consistent negative comment I’ve heard about the L4V is the sound it produces at impact. RexS Member Joined:

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And like all the other performance variables, Cobra has taken clubhead volume to the max.

I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. Hits nice off fairway.

Cobra L4V F Drivers

Expert editorial reviews, breaking covra tour and industry news, what to play, how to play and where to play.

I have consistently hit the Powerbilt – yards. Cant recomend it highly enough. Big drives start with a big driver. Posted March 3, Where is my ball?

Cobra L4V M Speed – Previous Model Year Reviews – GolfWRX

I bought it used on Sunday I’m not ready to give up the L5V, but just wanted to experiment. Bought this for my sister-in-law, a new golfer, she tried my men’s version and had some success. It’s probably not the clubs fault, it has a regular flex and Speed-tuned for moderate ball speeds, the L4V M Driver was engineered to get the most out of every swing. Cobra’s patented Dual Rhombus Face insert technology optimizes face flex to provide maximum COR coefficient of restitution across the clubface for the ultimate in ball speed and the ultimate in distance.


I have demoed a lot of drivers – none of them matched up to the L4V. My search was been well chronicled including some time spent with the Ping G10 and the new Cleveland Launcher.

Cobra L4V M Speed

This club just doesn’t hit as far as my old F Speed LD. How does the driver perform? It is pleasant to the eye in general and absolutely straight off the tee. ReviewMar 25 A lot p4v drivers have come onto the market since Cobra released the L4V in Tried it as well. But the ball speeds and dispersion were terrific.

I have never hit a driver that felt so light but yet sturdy and firm through the hitting area. November 5, Cbora active: This driver produced some excellent feedback and all round stats and was close to some silverware.

Does the sound bother you at all, it seems to me as a really loud club. Distance has increased over 40 yards, but even better is the flight of the ball, straight or a l4b of a fade.


My only issues with the L4V and L5V was the wicked high launch angle that they produced.

I get a lot of undue attention on the practice tee. Still best driver ever made.

Would you say the L4V is more of a game improvement driver? Week Month Year All Time. More than once, I’ve had groups in cobr of me in the fairway or on the green turn and look when I tee off.