I read somewhere that the driver for the RAID card had been removed since it was such old hardware, but that it still existed under We have a slogan learned through years of maintaining servers that drives born together tend to die together. So that’ll be roughly or so after all is said and done. Get at least a hot spare in the server. But that is still 2 drives, vs the 1 drive tolerance of RAID 5. Looking for some advice on to how best improve fault tolerance and possibly disk performance in this oldish Dell PowerEdge

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July 25th, 1. I’m planning on leaving this employer in the very near term to move about 80 miles away.

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Raid 10 will definitely get you more disk performance, but even then the users might not notice considering it isn’t much more than a file server. Also, isn’t RAID 10 only tolerant of two asta losses provided you don’t lose two drives on the same mirror.

My goal is to provide a few days of safety should a drive die and I’m unable to get on site within 24 hours. I’ve tried swapping the verc with a known good card, and there was no change. I think the biggest thing you could for reliability is adding a hot spare.

If I decide ferc go RAID 5, I’d assume I can just install the new array, image the old array to the new one, then remove the old drives and install new ones in their physical place as hot spares for the new array. Want to add to the discussion?


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You might rad able to get a little more performance by rebuilding the array into RAID Of course, you need to go with Enterprise drives. Please note, as you should know, RAID is never considered a form of backup. I worked at one of the largest privately held hosting companies in the world for several years. I can’t risk a second drive failure if I can’t get on site rakd a few days. The backups I’m least concerned about as we’re preparing to add nightly offiste backup with a 3rd party provider.

If you can’t upgrade the controller, then the CERC should work just fine for you. Raid 10 might make Kerio perform better though.


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I’d like to replace the aging drives in the RAID 5 array with some modern enterprise drives and add in at least one hot spare.

I’d cwrc just go with a new raid 5 array and hot spares. A lot of people skip that option, because they don’t like the idea of paying for a disk that doesn’t add to their total usable sataa.


This is a Jack of Sat Trades server. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. As long as you keep on top of your RAID monitoring, this should give you plenty of speed, and security. Yeah, I’m really starting to think the performance isn’t an issue. I don’t see upgrading the controller as an option. The users don’t complain about performance currently, I was just thinking it would be nice to get some performance out of the upgrade.

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Newer drives will likely have a little better performance but the users won’t notice it. But that is still 2 drives, vs the 1 drive tolerance of RAID 5. Obviously some less than ideal things going on here, no hot spare, backing up to a consumer drive, etc.

Mainly, it is up to your personal preference. Thinking about it more critically, it would be adding more complexity than it’s worth. Boiled down, it essentially provides Word and Excel documents to 20 people with maybe emails total per day.