Live from New York: Only episode with the four people Ferrell, Fallon, Macdonald, Hammond who appeared more than once. Many times, the contestants refuse or fail to select an appropriate category and dollar value from the game board, grinding the game to a halt and often requiring Trebek to choose one himself. However, Macdonald was fired from SNL before that sketch could be written. Dave Matthews with Boyd Tinsley. No contestant ever offers a correct response; however, two come close:

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Hanks appeared as himself. Connery occasionally provides a correct response, yet uses his wager to transform the text into a rude phrase. The sketch begins at the start of the Double Jeopardy!

Celebrity Jeopardy – 1998-05-09 – Sean Connery, Minnie Driver, Jeff Goldblum

A fan of the sketch series SCTVMacdonald acknowledged that his concept would be substantially the same as “Half-Wits,” a recurring sketch on SCTV in which Eugene Levy played a parody of Trebek, exasperated by the incredibly dumb contestants on the program.

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Relations “, which had been misread by Connery as “Jap Anus Relations”. It parodies the same-named special event on the television quiz show Jeopardy! The host and contestants are played as caricatures of their real life personalities.

Only episode with the four people Ferrell, Fallon, Macdonald, Hammond who appeared more than once. Norm Macdonald was inspired to create the first Celebrity Jeopardy! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


This week, ‘SNL’ will be twice as busy Writers could use some political help.

When Reynolds, who had initially been the celebrity who appeared on each episode, makes his return appearances, he misreads categories in the same manner as Connery and insists that he be addressed as “Turd Ferguson” because he finds that name funny.

The contestants, who are either unaware of what the game is or uninterested in playing, will ramble incoherently, deliver irrelevant monologues, or openly antagonize the host.

Watch Alex Trebek Sketches From SNL Played By Will Ferrell –

Trebek quickly ends the game without advancing to Final Jeopardy! Instead of buzzing in conneey the correct questions, contestants either give horribly incorrect responses or say things that have nothing to do with the game, frustrating Trebek, who does nothing to hide his contempt for the celebrities’ performance.

A May 15, Celebrity Jeopardy! Hammond’s last episode as a regular cast member. He purposely chose to make Reynolds an anachronism, appearing on stage as if Reynolds was still the same age he was in Will Ferrell Darrell Hammond Six episodes: However, Macdonald was fired from SNL before that sketch could be written. Critical responses to the sketches have been positive.

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Fifteen sketches aired between December and February Audition process Broadcast information List of notable contestants Watson. Saturday Night Live continues to include Jeopardy! Webarchive template wayback links. Even though it appears impossible for the celebrities to fail, they invariably do.


Celebrity Jeopardy! (Saturday Night Live) – Wikipedia

Dave Matthews with Boyd Tinsley. The June 27, show featured the category ” Japan-U. Trebek is the beleaguered straight manand is generally the only person on stage interested in the game. Connfry eventually grows exasperated with his inability to conduct the show and cuts it short by moving to Final Jeopardy!

Thirteen of the fifteen sketches included the episode’s host, usually as a contestant. On several occasions, Celebrity Jeopardy!

Parodies Media franchises introduced in Trebek’s mood is also exacerbated by Connery’s pranks and antics, which include making sexual jokes at Trebek’s expense, deliberately misreading or vandalizing the categories on the board to turn them into sexually suggestive phrases such as “Catch These Men”, a category about people on the FBI’s Celebritt Wanted listwhich he misreads as “Catch the Semen “and implying that he has had sexual relations with the host’s mother. Priya Bhatia Yerasi “.