It was like the old days. A video daily double. I looked him up and found a book he had written. Hard to believe there’s only 14 of these. Reynolds’s idiotic giggle, his complete indifference to everything, his pride in his juvenile kick-me signs — great. May 10th, Epic. Martin Short is a pretty terrible Jerry Lewis.

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Such an iconic part of the show.

Celebrity Jeopardy was never about impressions. Ferrell appeared in all fourteen sketches, portraying host Alex Trebek. This one’s a little weak, but they’re just getting started. I never realized that Hammond played somebody besides Connery in these sketches. And now we were being told we would have to do a dozen impressions. I think at this point Norm’s Burt starts getting most of the best lines too.

Darth McClainSep 30, And the idea was that it would be a bar set.

David Duchovny

Search this thread only Posted by Member: Here’s to 20 more years! The third sketch’s Keaton is great his “I’m Batman” thing isn’t perfect, but the more neurotic bits were a fun caricature of cepebrity comedic workbut Hammond’s Travolta is a little drier, but he seems to be the most aware of the game of the characters this time around albeit that doesn’t give him any edge when he wagers “zero”.


Among many other things, this show was to be the return of Eddie Murphy. Watching all of these. At least one of the contestants answers correctly but then makes an untranslatable wager, and Trebek ends the game with references to self-mutilation or suicide.

Watch Minnie Driver Sketches From SNL Played By Molly Shannon –

October 4th, Perry’s Michael Keaton is. And it leads to one of my favorite bits in these skits: And chaos seemed ready to sink it all. Thanks to Funny Or Die, all 14 sketches are celevrity online. I had not spoken to Eddie or BrettRatner.

I was confused as to who exactly was to be in charge of this thing. Every Saturday Night at Also, can’t forget this one, as Wes Anderson is one of my top directors goldblhm all time: Reynolds and Trebek are what really make the sketches.

MacDonald is as obnoxious as ever, and Ferrell’s slow burn is getting faster.

I was dead sure Eddie would do it. The categories weren’t as absurdly juvenile as the later sketches?


SNL Celebrity Jeopardy | Sean Connery Day

Darrell Hammond also appeared in each sketch, twelve times portraying Sean Conneryin an impersonation that “often questions Trebek’s sexuality and sometimes implies that he has known Trebek’s mother in a carnal sense. Jimmy Fallon appeared six times, each time portraying a different impression. In Live From New York: So Eddie never came back.

It was a rhythm piece, as each disaster was signaled by the sound of a buzzer, and each new category signified more, new, hope. Trebek then ends the jropardy, many times by announcing that money will not be awarded to charity or by declaring his intention to resign or commit suicide. Everything about Keaton was abysmal.

But many times, the celebrity contestants on the SNL sketches will refuse or fail to select a clue, grinding the game to a halt. Short played Jerry Jeopwrdy. An idea that would blow the show wide open.