There is no way to tell if 2 buttons are held down at the same time – you will never get any response other than the 6 shown below. In this case, you would need to check the clock before and after sending the reset command to get the time, and measure an uncertainty. Sign In or Register to comment. You would have to retrieve the reaction time information in your PCL program and then write that to the logfile or a data file yourself. Hi Sebastian, the problem is solved.

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[open] SR Box

Cexrus and the Lumina response pads use a communication protocol called XID that defines a set of commands for sending and retrieving data to and from the device. Inquisit uses this buutton to automatically i. Set both switches for the desired protocol, then press the Reset switch briefly. In the mean time, I found it hard to figure out from the Cedrus web site what the hardware connection to the PC is used by their devices. You would need to do all that manually from PCL, so the responses wouldn’t show up automatically in Presentation as responses.

Cedrus Button Box Component — PsychoPy v

This will open the window pictured below, which allows you to configure the port. August edited 4: Although Inquisit can use any baud rates supported by the device, we’ll just use with the default setting offor the sake of simplicity. This is a great sample for scripting against an XID response device, and it will display the numeric values of any button you press.


Just to be perfectly sure, if you click on the ‘Edit script’ button, does it look something like this? Hi Sebastian, here the settings for my experiment: Once all four dipswitches have been set to the down position, the serial port must be configured with the compatible settings.

If you’d like to access advanced properties of the response pad such as the response time as measured by the onboard timer or the id, port, or action of the last-pressed button, you can define an xid element as follows:.

The second character is divided into the following: The bits of each character indicate the current state of the buttons. Bryan Paton For example, if you are modifying a script that is configured cedrys use the keyboard for measuring responses either inputdevice is set to keyboard or it’s unspecified, in which case Cdrus defaults to the keyboardyou simply need to set inputdevice to XID, either as the default for the entire script:.

cexrus Thanks and best wishes, Merle. Although we have no experience in collecting responses using a joystick or gamepad ourselves, other OpenSesame users have successfully implemented this.

I’m afraid I cannot reproduce this problem.

To discover the button values, download and run the response pad sample from our Cedrus page. Of course many other patterns are possible, if the subject is pressing more than one button simultaneously.


Neurobehavioral Systems

For the RB-x20 devices with the dipswitches in the down position, the port should set to the following:. Previous devices used a 9-pin standard Serial connection. Two final remarks probably obvious: When the box is shipped, all four switches on the device are down by default, which corresponds to a baud rate of see the image below.

July edited July in OpenSesame. Lotje van der Linden bkx http: Once the device is plugged in, you can communicate with it in Inquisit by making a few simple modifications to your gutton script.

First, you set the timeout towhich means that you will get a timeout response after ms, regardless of whether you have actually pressed a button. The dipswitches on the back of the response box control, among other things, the baudrate that the device uses to signal the serial port.

Although, we are currently working on a generalized response device interface, so we may be able to get Cedrus to meet us half way. Framing should be set to 8 bits, 1 stop, no parity. Could OpenSesame collect the responses without the E-Prime?

In Presentation mode, also called ASCII mode, the response box sends a single character each time a button is pressed.