When the host is in control again, the sharing interface and any programs shared by others reappears. One method lets you place calls using a URL reference. You can set things up so that the people in your audience can only watch what you’re doing without being able to take control of your application. Then, reselect the microphone as the recording input source. Everyone in the meeting can see what is drawn on the Whiteboard.

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If your video capture device fails to preview video, you might not have the correct display codec e.

NetMeeting does not run properly from one default installation directory for multiple boot computers. General Usage To establish a meeting, simply place a call to another connected NetMeeting user.

Dobb’s Journal is devoted to mobile programming.

How To Use NetMeeting To Host a PowerPoint Presentation Meeting?

This document provides late-breaking information and known issues to supplement existing Help and other NetMeeting documentation. It can aid in any discussion process and has some capabilities that make it a good tool to facilitate remote development.

Chat lets you conduct real-time captrue via text, with as many people as you like.

Your results will vary depending on the camera, processor speed, and connection speed of your computer. You can receive video even if you do not have a camera connected to your computer.

Suspicious Activity Detected

BIOS or driver setting changes may be required to enable full duplex, depending on your specific hardware. If your computer has more than one audio device, you should make nrtmeeting that the audio devices selected in the Audio Tuning Wizard match the selections in the Multimedia properties in Control Netmeetingg. The default setting for video over a Though audio does work, I still preferred using the telephone to speak and NetMeeting to share visuals and applications.


Searching our resource database to find your matches Video and Audio Conferencing. Or, if you trust your audience, you can allow them to use your application just like they were in front of your PC. What Do We Need to Test? Captude you allow control, other people can both see and use the program.

Some video drivers provide a low-light filter option.

View the list of supported HTML tags you can use to style comments. If you share a Windows Explorer window and allow control, and the person with whom you are sharing the window closes the window, all programs and windows that you open afterwards are shared. You can configure NetMeeting to automatically accept calls so you won’t be bothered having netmeetiny accept calls from every member of your audience. In extreme cases, this might cause computers in the meeting to become very slow.

After someone finishes speaking, there is the normal short pause while everyone figures out that person is done, and then the next speaker starts to speak tentatively, listening for someone else to speak as he starts. I experienced the delay using a T1 to talk to someone with a cable modem.


You will encounter a slight Internet delay even if you have high bandwidthwhich has to do with routing. I found it quite useful to copy and paste pictures into the whiteboard. The size of the video preview nermeeting may not reflect the size that is selected in the Options dialog box. The whiteboard lets you collaborate in real time with others via graphic information. While someone else is in control of a shared program, the host’s sharing interface shared frames, sharing dialog boxes, and any shared frames created from other machines becomes “hidden” on the host’s desktop.

This will cause all the cpature members to be dropped from the call. You may specify a number of visual netmeetkng to determine what user interface elements to expose. They let negmeeting send data to get ahead of the receive acknowledgements. This guide describes the basics of Java, providing an overview of syntax, variables, data types and To fix this, stop one or more of the meeting activities.

Using this version of NetMeeting, capturre can share programs with large numbers of users.