This simple Taco Mod surprised me. If someone gets butt hurt over someone s disliking a forum on the internet they need to do some soul searching. This contest is for the Nitecore TUP flashlight! ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. And not to big and rather cheap but still quality for the money. Also proof of subscription to my YouTube channel and member of my FB group is required.

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Its up to you to back up your entry.


Joseph Kasperek shared a link. BLF is a jackhole free zone.

I see your point The disrespect is uncalled for. Where do you guys buy your lights? The last light I purchased was an Olight S1Mini to replace a stolen one.

Nothing to get upset about just how it is. Its the winners responsibility to pm me on Facebook if you are selected.


We know how political it was there. The Eneloop info thread. How do you feel about the Acebeam lev I like that I can say CPF here.

Pablo de Llama wrote:. No redraws unless winner does not come forward. This is fully sponsored by Nitecore.

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ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. They can close for good for all I care.

This is the reason I care. There can be some useful information at CPF too.


Join Group settings More. Let’s make BLF great again! Ain’t going to advertise the candpepowerforums, just show how much brighter it is. Tonight’s carry of the Fenix LD75C Thanks to all and good luck! Log in or register to post comments. This contest is for the Nitecore TUP canddlepowerforums I love cpf and am happy to say it. I joined over there and within a few days was looking for another forum, found this one. No wait scratch that then all those jackholes will come here.


Charles Bridgman December 21 at 2: When the forum use to be great and people joked around and could take a joke. I’ve been using Amazon but I’ve seen a few complaints about knock offs and fakes. You have to be subscribed to my YouTube channel, and be a member of my Facebook group Flashaholics Anonymous. Lots of snow flakes camdlepowerforums easily offended over nothing.