With your answers, I will make you a media sheet. And their input proved invaluable. You can take your entire boat club or racing team. I tried to strike a balance between the factual reporting and the hometown sentiment. Finally, seeing my announcing buddy, Jim Hendrick, in make up to look younger was a real riot. Restoration is being considered at this time.

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“Madison” is on Showtime this month

If you have info please let me know. Ed was a major sponsor of Charger and Sanger drag boats during the 60’s and 70’s.

I had never known such exhaustion. The hull was sold to Randy Conflitti and raced as Hay Boy!

“Madison” is on Showtime this month – H1 Unlimited

Bernie doesn’t get much love on the bydroplane coast. Just received it today. The Mosquitos original numbers was Y it also was a kneeler. They did not disappoint me.

Beautiful weather and a perfect running site greeted us as we tested for two days before filming day. All I know is it was raced in the jhonson California area by Guy Delveccio.

Toward that end, I believe that I succeeded. I was waiting to see this movie since I heard about it, in Madison.

Madison – A Movie Review

Click on any class group above to be taken directly to all the race boats listed in that category. Roger sold it the Huey Long who campaigned it well into the 70’s. This boat was raced successfully through tobudey JN built a 12’6″ three pointer named Quickie. My father raced the boat inthen retired from active driving. He johnsin his own fuel injection, cast props and intakes, etc. You can take your entire boat club or racing team.


Always looking for more items about this boat to add to the display. We sent Will some pictures, talked back and forth on the phone and Will explained to us that we had the last boat that he built, it was his one hundred and hydroplanw boat.

This boat set 3 Straightaway Speed records in it’s career. Racing between andthe team won an unprecedented 3 APBA Gold Cups, 3 National Championships, 1 World Championship, set lap, race and heat records some which stood almost a decadeand introduced new technology that revolutionized the sport while running a record 57 consecutive heats without an engine failure.

Bottom and Pugh cell was installed The character Buddy Johnson, who drove and died when driving the Atlas Van Lines boat in the film was loosely based on Bill Muncey, who was however, fatally crashed in on a boat bearing the same name.

Madison the movie! [Archive] – Boat Racing Facts Forums

Mac Angus MacDonald and his hydro. Hydroplane and Raceboat Museum. The Ohio river port is in full economic decline, its last pride and obsession being its uniquely town-owned power boat, although the raggedy old donation from a millionaire decades ago never comes close to a win.


I you ever get the chance, I highly recommend it. William BindleyScott Bindley. The boat had limited success until when Mercury props, headers, and widened transom with full length air traps made the boat much better. Original Zippy owned by Ray.

They did not disappoint me. I can be reached at Once I saw the photos, I knew that it was the long lost 7 liter. Skip Naughton Frank Knapp Jr.

Hydro has a new deck and was pretty much ready for hardware and finish work, when Bob Jensen sold it to Mark Evans. And I spent a pleasant three days and two nights with him and his wife Dorris in Vine Grove.