BROTHER HL 1440 1450 1470N 1.72 DRIVER

The cursor position remains at the same physical page position. Enabling a macro for overlay A macro that is enabled for overlay runs as the final operation before each page is printed, using the macro overlay environment printer settings. Selecting a downloaded font 50 5. When a macro is ‘enabled’ for overlay, the macro’s command sequence is performed as the final operation every time a page is printed. The hard clip limits are determined by the size of the physical page and are equivalent to the LaserJet mode printable area. Select Color 10 3. A delete facility is also included to allow the removal of macros when no longer required.

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For details on palette, refer to Section 3 ‘Color Palettes’ of this chapter. A horizontal sub-division of the page whose height is equal to the VMI vertical motion index.

The symbol set has the highest priority of all the characteristics you specify when you designate the font you require. The default graphics window is bound by the left and right edges of the logical page and horizontal boundaries half an inch below the top and above the bottom of the logical page.

Downloadable font manipulation Fonts that you have bought on diskette can be downloaded to the printer from diskette or hard disk using the DOS COPY command or a font downloading applications program.

Height dots 32 e: Optional replacement count bytes will continue until the value becomes less than The word “font” is often wrongly used to mean “typeface”. The printer, for instance, returns the printer’s internal scalable Symbol font proportionally spaced as follows. Unlike other modes, this mode is special and does not have the size limitation.

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Format UB – 15 specifies TrueType font.

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This printer does not support LZ W compression. The soft limits are determined by the IW command. Change emulation mode 21 4. Logical page 22 4. Coordinates The printer control language coordinate system has its origin at the intersection of the left edge of the logical page and the top margin.

Selecting the default fonts To set the primary font settings to those of the printers default font and discard all the software settings you have made in the meantime, send the printer the following escape sequence: When you send this code to the printer subsequent characters will be printed in the current secondary font. User default environment The user default environment is a combination of factory default settings and settings which the user has made from the printer’s control panel or remote printer console.

Stroke weight Stroke weight refers to the thickness of the lines which make up the printed characters. Upright and italic bitmap fonts and scalable typefaces are available in the printer’s ROM.

Brother HL//N Driver Download for Mac

Positioning the cursor Position the cursor 14440 the commands described in the chapter entitled “The Page”, using dots, decipoints or rows and columns as coordinate units. Variety UB – only for TrueType fonts, this value should be set to 0.


If a memory full error occurs while downloading the user-defined symbol set, the symbol set which is being downloaded becomes invalid. Due to the compatibility between symbol sets and symbol collections, the printer searches the designated MSL or Unicode number by using a symbol set mapping table.

If the [key] is set to [JOB], this command h, the current job name. Send raster data 86 6. LaserJet mode also has several graphics features. Compressed bitmap fonts character data is encoded as follows.

Drivers for BrotherĀ® HL-1450 printer

When this font descriptor is sent to the printer with a font header to identify the font ID, the descriptor parameters become the basis of the downloaded fonts. A number assigned to a character that uniquely identifies it.

A font that is stored on a cartridge. Mode 9 compression is effective in such cases. This tells the printer that the font characteristic you are specifying applies to the secondary font.

Rather than sending the same sequence of commands every time you print a new page, it is more efficient to define a macro to draw the image and store the macro in the printer’s memory.