To feed the paper, you move a plastic guide to the width of the right margin, slide the paper in as far as it will go, and push any of the control buttons, which advances the paper to the top-of-form position. The files were two full pages of only the letter A 1 braille dot with no spaces, two pages of full cells all six dots , two pages of an article about Brooklyn from the Seattle Times , and two pages from the beginning of the American Standard Bible , formatted to have a lot more blank space than the Brooklyn article. Changing the distance could be used to emboss something decorative by setting the distance to 0 and printing strings of characters that form interesting patterns. It took many hours of trial and error to produce a correctly formatted file. When printing on continuous paper, the printer advances each new sheet itself and, if the paper runs out, a new page can be inserted as with a single sheet of paper with no loss of data. Each file was printed twice to eliminate heavy-handedness on the stopwatch.

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Settings for parallel Here is how we recommend setting up the Braille Blazer for parallel.

The Blazer has a loud and harsh printing sound. The Item was still in the original box. Two knobs, one on each side, allow for independent control of the pressure for each side of the brail,e when printing interpoint.

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If you type and press Enter, your text is printed using the U. The manual is also available for download from the manufacturer’s web site. Although many options can be changed, there is little or no explanation of the results of those changes. There is a problem with consistency—some cells are flatter than others in a pattern that showed up for almost all the text that was printed. Brsille the left side of the lid is a paper-advance rocker switch.

Technical Tips for Braille Blazer Embossers

The manual acknowledges the importance of this feature braillw allow deaf-blind users to access these menus. The feel of the difference was like going gradually downhill, rather than having a specific number of flatter cells. Desired left margin of 0; left margin setting of 0 on Braille Blazer.

We are updating our documentation to reflect more accurately the speed of this high-quality embosser. One document was also printed on the plastic for comparison purposes. The difference in cell height did not stand out as much when the page of full cells was printed.

Product Evaluation

There are situations in which the control buttons produce meaningful beeps, the most critical being switching between single-sided and interpoint embossing.

The limitation of the three buttons is dealt with by allowing you to cycle through multiple choices. It took many hours of trial and error to produce a correctly formatted file. Diagnosing this problem is easy – the Blazer speaks and embosses the contents of your file at the same time. Pulling active — press Advance Left margin: Although all the braille was readable, once this pattern was noticed, it was a significant distraction.


The Braille Blazer is relatively quiet and perfectly acceptable in an open setting, such as a resource room or while embossing on a table in a carpeted office. This amount is subject to change until you make payment.

Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The differences you found in the speed test occurred because of the manner in which the Blazer produces braille.

Both are compact and portable. There were no missing dots. One page of the Brooklyn article was also printed on the plastic. If you want to silence the speech to avoid unnecessary noise in a shared work environment, you can use the Volume Lower function.

However, the braiole prompts are left close to the platen bar—dots 3 and 6 are tucked slightly under the curve of the bar, making this type of operation much more cumbersome then using the spoken menus. Both 6- and 8-dot printing are possible.

Each file was two pages long. A transparent plastic “reading tray” attaches to the back and adds a couple of inches to the necessary clearance area at the back of the embosser.

Special Features The Blazer’s built-in speech synthesizer can also be used as a speech synthesizer for your computer. The different formats of the manuals have different content, and each has both value and flaws.