Is there anyway to download the old design studio trial so I can update my circuit software? HI, I need some help with this Case: It works great for print and cut projects. I took this picture from IndianWeddingCards. I don’t know if any of you are a mom to a special needs child, but I am, and I have found life is easier for your child when he is known as the kid of the mom who can do this or that than be negatively labeled, besides I LOVE crafting, I do events on the side but usually I preorder stuff but with this machine I want to really get to do the stuff myself, I even got the t shirt and mug press BUT no subprinter but I thin there is a way around that too, another time. The security dongle is located inside the software case.

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I have used many other cutters in the past 6 years, and elected to keep only these so far.

Under A Cherry Tree: The Boss Kut Gazelle

But overall I am really happy with my machine. The Gazelle ships with the Funtime software, which has basic to professional design tools, and includes built in cutting designs. Plug the connector into the Gazelle, and connect the other end to the wall outlet.


I like being able to transfer files between it and MTC. Gazelles are available from many different vendors, but you will not bosskuf them in big box stores.

I got good clean cuts and was able to do some pretty detail cuts. I didn’t like SCAL in It cuts a full 12 inches, cuts bpsskut, intricate shapes even in glitter cardstock. Elaine Foley November 18, at 7: What do you like about the machine?

Cant weld to them. The Gazelle is intended for home use only and not under warranty if used in a commercial setting.


Gazelle Description The Gazelle is a wlndows cutter in a compact metal housing, weighing in at only 9. I’ve tried several different fonts, and it’s the same.

The Gazelle has been designed with all the features that crafters bosskut gazelle. I had to change my device and I did not have the registration code to install the MTC in my new computer. I bossskut love my Gazelle, even the cheapest card stock cuts clean with little pressure. I just did a test with Word and the margins are right where I expect them to be.

Are you the publisher? When the installation is finished, leave the disk in the computer and continue to the next step. For Windows 10, see pink below, then follow 1. What don’t you like about it? Hope this is clear.


I bought my Bosskut and was surprised that there were no instructions about the full functions of the machine and the forum has instructions that are haphazard and spotty.

HI, I need some help with this Case: Why is my program suddenly feeling the need to be re-registered? Make a note of which port the cord is connected to, or mark the port itself.

My name is Jackie and I am bosskut gazelle boxskut and cutting newbie from Michigan. I have this same problem with the curly Q’s. We are also running a sale if you purchase both Make The Cut! I have had for a few years and it has always done this. Many people upgrade to the latest machines just because they are afraid they are missing something.

Am I doing something wrong? I love the drawers on the inside of the lid for keeping extra blades and tweezers. I have used my gazelle for many years, and use it almost daily.