We get it, but Don’t want to talk? When you use Network Utilities you get your port forwarded right now! After entering the IP address of your router you can simply press enter. If all goes well you will see the following screen:.

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There are 2 additional ways that you can determine your router’s IP address: Perhaps your router’s default password is different than what we have listed here. If all goes well you will see the following screen:. It looks like this:. Since this firewall blocks incoming connections you may need open a port through it for certain games and applications. Use the Select a computer to select the device bigpind forward ports bigppnd.

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Port Forwarding – 2Wire – HGV-W (BigPond Firmware) | ™

Check out bigpknd recommended broadband plans! Please note that you must have the http: While these steps might seem difficult at first, we will walk you through each step for your 2wire HGV-W router.


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All we ask is that if you find a plan through us you use our phone numbers or sign up online links. Your router’s IP address can also be refered to as your computer’s default gateway. Use the Select a computer box to choose a device to forward ports to. This process of opening a port is frequently called a port forwardsince you are forwarding a port from the internet to your home network.

Navigate to the port forwarding section. It usually does not matter which browser you choose to use. It looks like this: How to configure modems. That way we can stay free for you.

Now we are going to bigpone to your 2wire HGV-W router. For ‘Map to Host Port’ using the default will work. Open up your web browser and find the address bar. View internet plans by type. What’s so great about them?


After all the Application rules are added you can save by clicking the ‘Done’ button.

What’s My IP Address? In this example we’ll use Internet Explorer. Enter the protocol timeout into the 2701jgv-w Timeout seconds box. Login to your 2wire HGV-W router.

Forgot Password to 2Wire HGV-W Router If your Internet Service Provider supplied you with your router then you might want to try giving them a call and see if they either know what your router’s username and password are, or maybe they can reset it for 2701hgv-d. Click here Step 3.

Simple Instructions to Help Setup a Port Forward on the 2wire 2701HGV-W Router

Now click the ‘Back’ Button. Create a port forward entry. After entering the IP address of your router you can simply press enter.