The APX is good, almost like an aviar but a bit slower with more loft. The main subreddit for all things related to the sport of disc golf! Understable fairway drivers can work great in a lot of different circumstances. One of their longest running popular fairway drivers. Westside Underworld — Speed:

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Replace it, and be happy. Saint Pro would be a good choice if you want to find something similar to the Avenger.

Discraft Predator – Z Dyed. With the shipping as pricey as it is, it is totally pointless to buy cheap-ass base plastic discs, as the price differential is eliminated by the huge shipping fees and import taxes. Tags disc golf frisbee ultimate frisbee disc golf ultimate frisbee ultimate ultimate frisbee history.

If I could give a beginner one disc that wasn’t a mid, it would be a zombee, which is in between a mid and fairway. This Westside disc has a lot fairwat turn and fairwayy making it the ideal disc for a newer player.

Perhaps they use gold-plated vehicles and have dancing girls, and eat lobster every lunch time, and give employees 10 weeks annual leave or some shit like that – it’s a mystery. At this point, with not many people and “not many” being a generous adjective I will be definitely operating in my own house and the trunk of my car. bst


Discraft makes the best mids in the game. I don’t know what it is about US postal service and courier companies. Tagged Best Discs Manufacturers.

It has a narrow rim and shorter than most putters. Ive only had it flip over on me maybe once, and thats into a headwind.

Which Disc Manufacturer Makes The Best Fairway Drivers? – Disc Golf Reviewer

Dynamic Discs Truth – Speed: I could throw it on long anhyzers very easily, or low fast shots that had just a slight amount of turn. Follow Reddit’s rules and redditquette. I also keep a pair of undertakers in my bag although those are slightly less for the beginner. Your email address will not be published. They work well for hyzer flips and rollers. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. As for fairways, I’m stuck between varying stalkers or rivers.

They excel at both. Low power throwers and new players will find it to be one of their farthest throwing discs in the bag. Discraft Zombee – Z Big.


Looking for an Understable Fairway Driver? These are the best!

Discraft provides literature here and here that should point you in the right direction. Want to add to the discussion? In the hands of one of these players, an understable fairway driver will fly relatively straight.

Higher power thrower will find it holds true to its line besr anhyzer, hyzer, and flat releases. When you have some cross or headwinds throw the Avenger. Legacy’s Patriot and Rival are the second best fairway lineup out there imo. Like its namesake, the….

Discraft Fairway Drivers

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. He has fiarway playing disc golf since Underworld is just a utility disc for me at this point. Those discs are just good.