Nov 5, 6. If you read his book, you will see that he is friends with Veral and therefore probably influenced by him and his work. One bullet traveled through the opposing shoulderblade and lodged under the heavy skin while the other was firmly stuck in the shoulderblade. The nose is both the widest, and longest in dimensions, and still reliably load through the magazine tube on these firearms, and feed flawlessly, for butter-smooth functioning through your lever-action big game rifle. I received the four grain Pile-Drivers,.

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This is the start load that Beartooth posted with this powder.

Safe load for Beartooth 525g. pile driver 45-70?

He certainly did it in style, and below are his comments and photos of his excellent free-ranging American Bison Bull. I just received my first box of Beartooth g. Will not feed through newer Marlin based lever action. Longest, Widest nose possible and still feed through the magazine and action of a Marlin and Winchester The doesn’t need to live up to any of the big bore calibers – it is a law unto itself.


Still has plenty of pop for deer and under Share Share this post on Digg Del. Hot grainish boolits are by far the most punishing.

The also carry a very good firelapping kit and manual. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links.

They were grain Kodiak JSP loaded to just over fps and they devastaed everything they hit, from hogs to Nilgai and cape buffalo. The rifle with dummy rounds and several bullets is with my gun maker piledruver of this afternoon.

Have some gr.

Recoil is bad enough at fps. Out of that light rifle that loads gonna thump you.

Copyright c GunLoads. So, when your favorite. LR magnum primers, loaded with 40gr of H Feeds in all lever actions.

It punches quite a hole in paper and flesh. A responder suggested calling Beartooth. Every ejection of a shot cartridge is as slick as silk. Lever Minded Beartooth Regular. I also prefer Hand my load for beartooh g Lazer Piledrivrr Bullet from Oregon Trail which is a bit longer than your ordinary g cast bullet and comparable to g and g bullets in overall bullet length Same when loading Lazercast ‘s.


, Beartooth Bullets and Medium Rifle Powders – Shooters Forum

Ill take my chances with a. This bullet has been used on all manner of N. I guess I should bulletx thank you from saving my shoulder extra aggravation. I’d reduce it a tad more to start.

Lot’s of fun, but of little use in the real world. I was beginning to think no one was going to respond to this question. Hit through meaty part of both shoulders, broke a rib on both entry and exit, cut off top of heart, and exited far side.

Beartooth Piledriver bullets

The time now is When I fire it from the bench I use a Limb-Saver slip-on recoil boot pilddriver wear a Pachmayr strap-on shoulder sissy pad. Thanks in advance, Nitro. It kills leopards, too. Here are the candidate powders that I have on hand.