Niels Brouwers 12 January, The other possible values are: CSR also runs usenet newsgroups which are available to general public. The patient is still on life support, but at least it can breath! The transceiver chip was powered from CSR module. These are 4Mbit 3. If you pull the KEY pin high you can change a number of settings using AT commands due to their price I used them for a simple wireless serial link.

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I went back to that quick Google search and began reviewing the hits.

It’s calculated by the following formula: The HC actually has a user-configurable logic pin that changes state when the Bluetooth connects that can be used for reset: But OS image can be easily downloaded from the module itself! The main problem is a lack of gcc and binutils sources for XAP architecture. The other side of the communication link should supports CRC checksums as well.

The BT A01 Rs232 to Bluetooth Adapter

You have to register on CSR site to download it. Since we don’t want to wake up Psion, we leave it at default 4. The small LED on the HC module blinks when nothing is connected, and remains on when a connection nc212 established.


About Me lizard43 United States View my complete profile. When BC2 boots up it reads the keys and configures itself accordingly. Only relevant when using BCSP protocol.


However, there’re literally tons of technical documentation published by CSR which can be found on their suport website. To retry indefinitely set it to 0.

When BC2 boots up it will judge the state of the blurtooth end of communication link based on this value: Both had clear bluish plastic casing thru which you can see internals – small module with two chips located next to each other.

This one seems interesting. There’s loads of code for using bluecore chips via serial.

Programming Micros With Impossibly Cheap Bluetooth Adapters | Hackaday

There are proprietary IDE named Bluelab exists for writing module firmware. Or is the measurement not precise enough?

Learn how your comment data is processed. In short — module runs some kind of OS. Bluez supports BCSP bluecore serial protocol so you should be able to use the dongle like that. Have a look at http: It allows to detect bit error in payload good in case UART line exhibits many errors.


Sources for Bluetooty module and Symbian phone can be found on my site.

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Could my chip have a simple serial interface? At the final stage, whole OS image merged with VM application and flashed into module.

At the time, I did a quick Google search on the part number and moved on after not seeing anything too interesting. I guess that’s the price to pay for reliable connection.

Anonymous 11 February, Chips programmed over simple SPI bus. But I never seen any hacks with changed module firmware.

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