Never mind, even when it breaks it’ll have a place on my desk, it’s got a sense of Louboutin style about it. Post Mon Apr 24, 9: It was sold with Reason Essentials bundled with it Props didn’t advertise that shit back when 5 was a thing didn’t they? Works perfectly well for me. Google Adsense [Bot] and 1 guest.

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If you are balancee Reason user then this is the device for you. I bought it because you could upgrade Reason for free I believe it was with Reason 7. I second the Focusrite recommendation.

I have it, I probably got the last line of them before it was disconnected. Who is online Users browsing this forum: If anybody who has one could chime in?

Propellerhead Balance USB Audio Interface

Its worked beautifully for me through 3 windows upgrades, multiple hardware upgrades, and 2 major moves. The only problem I have is dusting off the softish surface of Balance.

Questions, answers, ideas, and opinions Post Sun Apr 23, 2: Its a shame it didn’t take off like they thought and support was dropped because the design and idea was fantastic. I’m currently on the latest developers release of Windows 10 and its running like a champ.


Integration with Propellerhead products goes further. It was sold with Reason Essentials bundled with it.

Propellerhead Balance USB Audio Interface | eBay

Post Sun Apr 23, 8: It was sold with Reason Essentials bundled with it Formed inPropellerhead Software is a privately owned company based in Stockholm, Sweden. Post Sun Apr 23, 5: Aside propellehread that, Balance has no functional advantages over a multichannel audio interface. I know I wanted one.

More information on Reason Essentials with Balance can be found here: How quickly time passes. Post Sun Apr 23, 9: Anyone still recommend them? The product itself has a notable failure rating as well as not being designed lropellerhead exist with Win10 or any other new OS for any platform as its, yup, not supported any longer.

Propellerhead Unveils Balance Audio Interface | Press Resources | Propellerhead

Users browsing this forum: Post Sun Apr 23, 6: It was balande with software that the majority of the people who would-be or were interested in buying the product already owned. Join us on Slack. Cashola is the only concern. Post Sun Apr 23, However in my experience aside from recording to tape I’ve never had to record audio at a level where coming close to clipping is ever necessary.


Musicians no longer have to worry about losing a great recording because gain levels were too high, and can stay focused on creating that goose bump evoking performance. I’ve got quite a nice collection of interfaces by Focusrite, Steinberg, Prpoellerhead, Mackie, Avid, etc and still Balance is my favorite of all the 2 channel devices ive used. That said, I would never recommend balancf hardware to anyone as there is no guarantee if something changes it wont break.