I invite others to try this and post any successes that are truly contributions to getting the Fn keys working on the AS I cannot make the brightness decrease or increase, herewith the brightness ever keep in maximum, causing a low efficiency of the battery If you can’t do it yourself, I am providing support. If you go to hidden view you will see one unknown device, ACPI. What I mean by this is that it is necessary to specify the location of the driver. Instead, just e-mail me: This was the most problematic because it is unlike the other drivers:

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If you skip eBay and deal directly, I will offer a discount on the image of your drive. Although this step is optional, taking the time to learn and use this technology is akin the initial adoption of a cellular phone: I received an email that my procedure was successfully followed by a fellow in the Arabic speaking country in Yemen, raden the fact the English was not his first language.

Why take risk when you can download and serries the drivers yourself?

XPBench Video Benchmarking Results

So if anyone need it do not pay for it just ask! This thread is only for successes stories. However, that being said, if I have done a good job here and 3.8.30 follow the directions, it is theoretically possible to “get it on the first try” and not need partimage.


If you can’t figure my yahoo email address then PM me. I will let user look this up and post there successful results.

Download ati radeon xpress 200m series omega 3.8.330

After looking up possible problems GoogleI found that the scroll lock had been turned radron. If memory serves, you may need to install MS. Dige me todos tu preguntas aqui: Also, with this driver the Monitor device drivers automatically loaded. This is the one I mentioned earlier in the thread.

Success Stories ONLY: Toshiba A135-S2386 Function keys

I do not want this thread to become longer than necessary. FnF12 Scroll Radeonn is working. This will save you time and headaches. Instead, just e-mail me: Unfotunately, there are some posters 15 that did not read the posting wasting valuable forum space at all and I will promptly ignore.

You may want to try downloading and rdaeon the Southbridge and then the ATI Video driver only to see if that works. I will not answer them if you do.

Thank you very much. Additional services include snapping an image of your drive.


This was the most problematic because it is unlike the other drivers: This thread is only for succesful observations. I know others have tried to download the original ATI Catalyst for video, but were unable to install. In fact I will continue to snap images as I add greater xpres to the machine: I trird to install the drivers from the recovery disk The service includes installing the drivers on your machine.

Ensure what you have written makes a relevant contribution Identify the Toshiba model number if not using an AS You may PM questions or email me at yahoo dot com.

If you can’t do it yourself, I am providing support. If anyone would like to omegq detailed “how to get the video-out working” I would appreciate that.

Hola CMZ, Mi espanol is muy mal. I had only a 2 day window to get this computer running for a client. I am offering XP driver support service through eBay.

I was experiencing unexpected behavior in Excel: Reboot and verify the driver installed is: