Enter your graphic card details. I too have a small issue when using this driver. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. To get video hardware acceleration tested on all currently supported releases at the time of writing , you need to add four packages after installing the driver. Configuration As the fglrx driver is not autodetected by Xorg , a configuration file is required to be supplied. Because the change is not dynamic, a reboot is required.

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Catalyst Control Center does not open from the panel icon If you cannot get the Catalyst Control Center to launch from an icon, try from the terminal: It can be fixed however Now we need to create a configuration file for the X server, so execute the following command: Make sure that the restricted-modules package installed correspond to the kernel your are running and that you can load the fglrx driver, whether by issuing the command: Thomas Dickey 52k 5 94 Install the appropriate linux-headers and fglrx-legacy-driver packages: For information on the open source drivers, see AtiHowTo.


I’m having a problem regarding the install of my video card on ay Suse 9.

I run two monitors on this graphics card which I was able to configure using the Catalyst Control Center. Now we just have to restart our computer to enjoy Catalyst Before you go about installing the fglrx driver from the official AMD Catalyst software distribution ensure to read the release notes from the AMD website.

DKMS will build the fglrx module for your system.


Navigate to the directory to which the file was downloaded. This method does not appear to work with Catalyst Can someone please guide me true this proces?

It installs as stated, and the files that need to be modified are modified, however when I reboot or booti get a black screen. Check back later and maybe they’ll have got Should this work for ubuntu For me, with the latest package kernel, The Don Quijote-fight continues…. The reply from it was could not find a driver that dsiplay with my card. Yep, i got a similar error message on Fedora 13 Error: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.


Download the driver found at the AMD website. After that go to “Software Updates” and then click on the “Additional Drivers” tab.

For 64 bit systems: Goddard 3, 2 21 Any suggestions or donations of clue greatly appreciated. In the folder where you unzip Catalyst we will open a terminal and run the following commands:.

BinaryDriverHowto/AMD – Community Help Wiki

This question already has an answer here: Thanks for the reply I am going displzy try it and see if it works. You will get hardware support by FreeBSD in their upcoming release Installation via the Ubuntu repositories Ubuntu offers the following fglrx drivers that are supported only in Ubuntu View LQ Wiki Contributions.

Easily use multiple proxies in Firefox Fedora Linux. AMD Catalyst Legacy External Links AMD driver homepage https: