Sat Jul 18, This site uses cookies. Sorry I can’t help you any further Miguel, but I think you can see that I have already travelled your road before, one travel I no longer wish to partake PS: Wazoo’s solution is a little cheaper though since it doesn’t require an extra drive, while in my case scenario you won’t need an extra PCI controller you just put your main IDE burner as master on the IDE cable and your secondary drive as slave on that same IDE cable make sure to place the jumper to slave on that particular drive. Everything went just fine, I just hope bigger recordings go well too. Your Username or Email Address: I don’t need hot-plugging for the internal ports I don’t have neither the space nor the case to use it though NCQ is great ; I will be needing hot-plugging, however, for the eSATA port.

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Thank you for your patience. Last edited by wazoo99; at If you delete JMicron controller from dev. Your Username or Email Address: Fri Nov 13, 8: Why did you install the modded version of the Intel RST driver v I can confirm that the modded BIOS flashed like eeluxe charm.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. I wonder if there’s a way to use a newer RST asks.


I’ll give that a try when I can. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Unable to install Vista with AHCI on Asus p5B Deluxe | Overclockers UK Forums

And its purely software thats causing this cuz when on Raid you can detect newly added SATA devices so go figure eh Thnx Asus support for never picking up the phone and never adressing or fixing issues when people have some serious issues.

For some reason, the forum doesn’t inform me about answers to all the threads I’ve subscribed go figure I’m just lost on this one Thanks to everybody who helped. I still want a separate pagefile drive, and if I loose that one I won’t be able to have it Now the whole properties page is greyed out When i installed using the raptor the install went through no problem – didn’t even need to load drivers. RAID wouldn’t do me any good, I only have one internal HDD at the moment I just got it, and buying another one is completely out of the question for now, buying this one left me almost broke.

I can also confirm that the recommended RST driver v Just to make sure we are on the same wavelength here: Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. So, I went the easy way: However, every time the system suspends on its own as per Power options schemethe monitor doesn’t power up, and sometimes the HDD keeps thrashing for half a minute or so, then stops and that’s it.


Enabling AHCI on an Asus P5B Delxue post OS installation?

One thing less to worry about May 30, Posts: Maybe because I still only have ODDs on it? Click hereto adjust the content of the private message.

Up to a few boot cycles ago, every time I tryed there was an Event logged saying “the driver” disabled it. What do you mean with “old RST”?

Forum – P5B Deluxe (ICH8R) – what RST driver to use?

Regards Dieter alias Fernando. I think I will be testing this setup in weeks or so, I’ll let you guys know. Again, why is that, since the drivers are installed?

Fernando Show info Posts:.

Mon Jun 01, 9: Are you sure it’s the Intel controller giving you grief?