These are the ones you should grab. Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. The Nero utility provides the following information on the recorder as the drive had a CD-R inside the Nero indicated the maximum speed of 32x: Note that this is the theoretical average recording speed. A narrow tray button and a track one which can also be used to select speeds are too small. The drive supports both modes hardware and software , making it very appealing for advanced users.

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A fast portable drive with massive storage space A fast portable drive with massive storage space by Dong Ngo.

Asus 48x/16x/48x CD-RW Drive CRW-4816A Manuals

The recorder won’t offer 40x just because you inserted a disc from Tayio Yuden. We are not so sure if the results should be considered as 48x or 40x, but probably they show the 40x speed.

After 70mins error rate raises and C2 errors are present making the disc partial un-readable. We also tested the reading performance with backups of the original CDs, since the reading speed varies between original and backup media. The writing quality of the written disc can be considered as good since the total errors are within the Orange book standard: Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method.


Get a 4-terabyte USB 3. This implementation is probably faster than other 48x full CAV recording technologies. Act like your business depends on them Backups: The CRWA had the same thing.

The C1 error rate is high during the first 30mins and drops after 40mins.

Asus CRW-4816A Network Card User Manual

Newegg keeps the Black Friday spirit alive with more deals for Cyber Monday. The best deals from Amazon’s one-day storage sale Amazon slashed prices on some 20 items. DDSS II makes tracking and focusing even more precise, and successfully reduces the vibration and noise caused by high revolution of the spindle motor. Can recognize the disc contents but cannot rip!

Mount Rainier, Video CD. Cyber Monday Newegg: Phase change Media type: As our tests showed, the final recording times are not exactly the same as we were expecting. With CD-R media, the seek times of the drive rises up to ms. Average Burning Time mins.

We used CD DAE 99 software to rip the whole disc sectors and the results are posted in the following table: If we consider the cre-4816a theoretical average writing speed, the recording times should be lower than what we have seen: Below are the specifications as found in the retail box.


A CAV drive maintains a consistent rotation speed that results in different transfer rates.

Asus 48x/16x/48x CD-RW Drive CRWA Manuals

The first 48x P-CAV recorder is here! The error rate goes in normal levels after 70mins:. After rebooting the disc was empty. BioShock Infinite and Metro: The linear velocity increases gradually as the read head move across the inner area of the disk to the outer area. Storage by Rick Broida Sep 17, The read head of a Z-CLV drive stops writing data, and buffer underrun happens every time when the motor changes speeds.

Acer Media Technology, Inc. The ASUS drive stays below also during the reading under packet writing format with A narrow tray button and crw-816a track one which can also be used to select speeds are too small.