The SSD is regularly freezing during a couple of sec the whole system and it’s a real nightmare. In the sources you quoted I read that some said that a change from 16 bit e. I’m still kinda shocked. Mon Oct 13, 1: Finally I even tried the alternative way: I am currently using the nForce one. So it can collapse two transactions on the IDE side of the controller to one transaction on the PCI side of the controller.

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There is no need to enable this specifically with a SATA controller. I have some questions.

ASUS A8N SLI Deluxe RAID Question

All times are GMT Hard Drives 2 x WD Raptor. If you enable bit mode, the controller will be set to temporarily store the data from one read until the data is available from the next read before mastering a transfer over PCI. Besides the hassle to get a recent driver, finally it seemed not to work at all proberly with the v2. Still I tried all I could but had finally to abandon this idea.

Actually I just would like to write something about what I have unsuccessfully been trying to do for many days rather nights Performance gains imo are not that great but a lot of ppl think its the holy grail. At least this old one is supporting that correctly.


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Do you have an extra drive you could test by turning off the RAID to see if it will load without asks. Poisonsnak New Member Jul 21, Therefore, it is highly advisable to enable bit Transfer Mode.

This can partially deducted from your relatively low throughput which is in line with SATA1 performances The issue is not depending on drivers or BIOS setup, the transmission mode is negotiated during the HW initialization process and is really depending on the controller of the SSD.

I have no way no knowledge how to actually verify if this is really happening, but in any case the Intel Toolbox is happy and behaves like if that would work correctly. In fact you have to look at the history of the Athlon But having the right HW doesn’t solve the issue, the memory controller still needs to be correctly initialized by the BIOS.

Wow I really thought your scores would be higher.

Mon Oct 13, 1: So it remains a bit a mystery to me if really that does not impact the SATA performance?! Zitat As little end note: Found that the driver CD that comes with the motherboard doesn’t work off the bat.

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Thanks plutomaniac for your post! Thread starter bbriand Start date Jul 18, As mentioned the story is not well known but you can find some references on the net https: Forums New posts Search forums. Spam Netiquette Form other This post contains unwanted Spam. Find More Posts by Saltgrass.


The only driver which seems to work more or less ok is the legacy v6. If it’s not then at least it’s totally changing the way the controller accesses the filesystem on bigger drives. Then a benchmark to check if there is a change of sequential reading performance. I don’t think it is the RAID0 that is really an issue as I also have another disk connect to the Silicon chip, that is not configured for RAID but it fails to detect that drive as windoss.

Mon Oct 13, 8: I never could start the DFI system with this extension card and I spent at least one week z8n-sli to debug the issue. Members Current visitors New profile posts Search profile posts. Saltgrass Windows 7 x64 1, posts. Don’t asu around like me with the 32 bit transfer setting in the BIOS