There is a new check box now which you are supposed to check if and only if you are running Reason with this driver. This would manifest itself in an ASIO driver error if the application is started the second time. If you ever encountered this phenomenon: Improve a condition where actual latency would increase over time. WDM Kernel-Streaming helps to keep the driver running smoothly as well.

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Enable operation with devices that have no inputs. Bad news is that you have no WDM driver for your audio hardware. Default settings adapted in order to work around issues with specific AC97 drivers. Some common questions and answers: The OS you use allows for two different driver models: This is one of the benefits of assembly language coding: Improve performance latency of USB audio class devices in Windows 7.

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The watchdog and crash recovery features are nuiversal optional and can be enabled in the registry – if you absolutely must. What makes you think that calling ASIOoutputReady asynchronously is going to help matters in any way one can think of? This is supposed to fix some more “Beyond Logic” errors, especially when these were seen only sporadically. Try to set unifersal a project with 48kHz and see whether this makes a difference.

  LEEDS 1650-93 DRIVER

Samplitude no longer crashes when asio4alll to open the control panel. Fixed a bug that caused no inputs being available with some USB devices. Minor changes, this and that – as usual WaveRT support now also includes event notification mode as well as support for very basic implementations with no position register.

Same applies to pro audio gear with dedicated ASIO drivers, though.

Powerfully private No more data charges to download unwanted content. More detailed information about cookie management with specific web browsers can be found at the browsers’ respective websites. Do it like the rest of the Industry do: Everything else aasio this page, including the numbers 16, 48 and is or may become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp.

When I select the control panel on the desktop, the sample rate is grayed out Version 1. About every audio application has such an option and the desktop control panel is only for those few that do not. If you are a Propellerhead reading this: Fix regression in 2. As a last resort, check the “Force 16 Bit Samples” option in the control panel.


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Agressive device re-ordering as of beta 2 softened down somewhat. Fix regression issue where enabling hardware buffer could have caused a crash. Improve audio device surprise removal recovery. Improved WDM enumerator display of device names. Update This Privacy Policy was last updated on: This will, however, save me from having to explain the same thing over and over again to users of HD Audio devices under Vista who expect stuff to “just work” in the default configuration.

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Outputs may remain unavailable if there is more than one output device active. In this case, two phantom inputs are created, because some applications seem to require this.

Update 16 March SigmaTel High Definition Audio as also used on Intel based Macs should work now, hopefully making for a number of happy not just Univversal campers. I discovered that a number of low-cost audio gear have the WDM driver resample on-the-fly.