If it takes a few days to get it working, it may just be that the wi-fi device in your laptop has no Linux drivers, in which case getting it to work might be tough. Any half height cards that will play nice in Snow Leo? Working on Ubuntu 8. OK for Slackware After a few days 2 or 3 I will make a list of all wifi-cards named, to help other people that have the same problem! Posted October 7, No 11n, but works out of the box.

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I know they can’t make this a walk in the park for everyone with auto recognition and install of only the components we need, but it sure would be nice for the HW companies to get with the program and help support their product within the OS. Can I fix ar5bxh6 on the enclosure? No 11n, but works out of the box.

Or sign in with one of these services. I have read it can be enabled via backports, but have ar5hxb6 tried.

Posted October 10, It’s working fine for me on my work laptop Only in other Linux distros the sensitivity is low because of regional limitation, and sadly setting regional codes and modprobing doesn’t fix this ubuntu, in my case.


en:users:drivers [Linux Wireless]

Everything was so perfect when I initially installed Ubuntu, but then i decided to update the kernel like the arrow in my task bar told me to Any half height cards that will play nice in Snow Leo? Ethernet interface physical id: Also added warning for Snow Leopard 64 bit, because I linus know if a lot of linuxx cards will work under 64 Bit.

See this page for how to get it going:.

Ar55bxb6 I can no longer detect any network. Works absolutely perfect in BT4, just have to manually raise txpower and get way more APs than with any other wireless adapter I had, plus the speed and bandwidth is doubled than with other adapters. After installing either driver, run sudo iwlists scan to make sure it works. Several tickets indicate this; no response was ever given. I have never managed to get my wireless internet working on my laptop.

Which wireless cards mini pci-e can be best used for Snow Leopard? Then Update Manager killed my wireless with the 2.


ThinkPad 11a/b/g Wireless LAN Mini Express Adapter – ThinkWiki

I’m using the Apple-built card, and Windows 7 kicks in with its own drivers automatically. Thanks for the help guys! I’ve been searching for days,,thank you. OK for Slackware Give it a shot. Crash because default kernel limit stack to 4k. Does work with HP dveg linuuxsee Ah, Debian was one of them that ws included, so I’ll try that, thanks very much!

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Apple AR5BXB6

Well, I will be right back at this again tomorrow. Working on Ubuntu 7.

It looks like Madwifi llinux Cheap Ativa card works ok in gentoo. Powered by Trac 0. As was said earlier though. Ad-hoc Mode doesn’t work for me at all. I can see networks, but I can’t connect to any of them.