Tech support could only look under each model of phone for the settings. I thought at first it was the phone indicating a low battery but it does it even when fully charged. Replacing the headphones will come second followed by hopefully replacing the browser.. So do you want a Hyundai Sonata or a i? The files have to be less that 13 character in length. Sanh on July 9, 5:

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cect iphone p168 copied apple iphone

Atleast I am getting somewhere. I could of swore I read somewhere that someone was downloading stuff from T-Mobile.

The main reason i bought the phone was so i could buy and sell shares online over hte phone but the CECT browers cannot display my brokers website. I Can only make the calls work with it.

Try using the USB port to charge your batteries. These phones have sim cards. So what do you think I did this time?

WinMob requires a pretty fast processor and this phone is too inexpensive for that. As for the iPhone case. In that way it will not mislead. Even comes with the same bad earphones.


Des this phone actually read in chinese or in english caue i dont speak chnese and i really want it and does it work with T-Mobile…. In need of help … Did you get your phone to english? BT is known to drain the battery.

Also I tried putting on a Ipod MP4 movie to this phone and it still wont play. Then gently slip it off. Good chance the pins on the charger are connecting to those of the phone which are not designed for incoming current. I do not see any options as stated after you connect to the headset.

Who was this going to fool? That in itself should tell you something. Hope I have not made a mistake. MMS works ok though. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Scan this blog for free converter programs so you can play your videos on this phone.

Also wondering if you any of you know any websites or links or whatever where I can find some videos to put into the phone, that are of good quality. Anyone have any info on this one? Yup — to a blind man standing in a dark alley, this is an iPhone. I had a movie lying around in the mp4 format for my Ipod, and I tried that and it says invalid file. If the phone cannot access T-Flash, take it out, blow on the contacts and carefully re-seat T-flash and lock iphlne position.


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If not choose the very bottom right on your phone that is back, it will take you back one. I just noticed that as well. Hey all, so my A arrived. I looked on the gsm website and it shows it covers Arkansas. Next Select Option 3 Language 5. In other words, can I use stereo bluetooth headphones?

I would imagine it woild work with all though….