A general rule is charge the camera for 15 minutes for every 10 minutes of video recorded. But I suspect a device failure. For faster delivery and often a better tested camera there are sellers in the USA but you will usually pay more. They do look similar, so probably only minor differences in functionality probably the newer ones are cheaper? Functionally similar to the These links are the same project, in different forms.

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High performance CPU and graphics encoder. If the battery module has a connector, disconnect it and reconnect it. The camera is based on chips designed to be used in small inexpensive digital cameras. Photos will be posted. Terrible duplicate frame rate.

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If video from your camera matches this tableor this table then the information might apply. This different is now the anykw From Mac, USB drive, digital camera, iPod, Flash card All those spy camera in the dollar price range use the shame chipsetnot sure if from the same.


Only use a video frame and video date time stamp to ID your camera, and you might also need some audio information. Use at your own risk. PN in Thailand reported this camera for sale.

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Aynka all protection circuits are the same. You need to disassemble the camera to remove or replace the flash card. I have wasted hundreds of dollars in the past trying to find “the answer” to the problem I end up with at work occasionally He says the price is low. Paul in The Netherlands reported this problem with interference between the reset switch and the case of a 8 camera. Video frame from my 1 camera, cropped video image, checkerboard of 80×60 squares. This camera is being sold without an internal infrared blocking filter.

How much does an camera cost? Assembly of plastic lenses and glass infrared blocking filter. Otherwise, replace the camera. Scott sent me photos and sample AVI from a variant of a Syntek processor camera. There are many ways that a missing frame can be encoded in a video file.

Most cameras will not work below 3. Please mention where you are writing from, and your camera version if you know it.


I also recommend potential buyers to buy these lenses through dealextreme. Has almost no missing frames.

For better playback performance, move the AVI file to a hard disk. Important things to know about the camera. What can I do to fix it? The battery module has two parts: A faster sequential write speed usually, but not always, indicates a faster random write speed.

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Without a brand there is no guaranteed quality level, and no reputation to protect. They do look similar, so probably only minor differences in functionality probably the newer ones are cheaper?

It is even the best performance, even taking into account what some would consider to be poor ak3613 video.

It comes with no manual, or a worthless manual. Some video capture programs will support the webcam driver.