Richard writes to BestData: There is no space after the G which results in “unrecognized response” in the Modemlog. While these modems will get 56k connects, there are more interoperability problems with these modems – and you should check to see if a new driver is available for your modem. I did NOT check the box to ignore further calls during session. As of Feb ’04, Dell supplies V. MoH only works once during the session. I recently purchased the modem and called myself from my cell phone to familiarize myself with v.

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Linux drivers are available from: WindowsMe will support older Win9x drivers. See Conexant Press Release.

Amr-modem FB PCTEL AMR | eBay

If the modem has already been installed, it shoud be possible to change the appropriate key in the registry. As with any 56k modem, you may experience improvements if you Limit the Maximum Connect Speed or disable 56k. However, the diagnostic information is lost when you disconnect the modem. Or it could include both, for compatibility with other modems, or with future driver releases. Windows drivers should work with Windows XP – also see: Some vendors don’t even identify themselves on their modem!


Richard writes to BestData: Additional links that may help: Generic drivers are now available from Conexant – see link below. Backup your Windows registry!

All controllerless modems require new Windows ‘WDM’ drivers to function with these Microsoft operating systems. The pages on this site include the appropriate commands for PCTel modems. Recent Microcom firmware should support V.

There is no space after the G which results in “unrecognized response” in the Modemlog. Exit regedit The aforementioned hack will cause lines such as the following to be appended to the end of every modemlog: Ideally, people should compile the kernel immediately prior to compiling modules to ensure success.

PCTel Chipset Modems

The above technique could be used for other reports, and for other modem types. This can be corrected by editing the. PCTel itself remains a separate company now focused on wireless-related product.

Most of the vendors that make modems with these chipsets also make other models using other chipsets.

MoH only works once during the session. HKR, Properties, 1, 80,01,00,00, ff,00,00,00, ff,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00, 0f,00,00,00, f7, 07 ,00,00, 00,c2,01,00, C0,DA,00,00 HKR, Properties, 1, 80,01,00,00, ff,00,00,00, ff,00,00,00, 00,00,00,00, 0f,00,00,00, f7, 0f ,00,00, 00,c2,01,00, C0,DA,00,00 The above properties has 8 double words of 4 bytes each each byte represented by a 2-character hexadecimal code wmr with comma in “little endian” format or ‘backwards’ – the least significant byte being first.


Amr-modem FB PCTEL AMR 670

Max Hopper in Ireland reports being frustrated with garbled Modemlog output and too much time on his hands – and came up with discovery that adding 2 registry keys enables Unimodem. I think it’s unlikely that Conexant will continue to develop 2 lines of chipsets: This command will first capture the UD report, and then hang-up the line. Here’s a Win9x registry hack from Franc Zabkar that results in the diagnostic information being written to the modemlog immediately prior to hangup:.

This feature appears to have been introduced with Win2K. Cisco remote access has 2 available modems – Microcom and Mica.

Do you have a modem-related question? As with any 56k modem, assuming you have a 56k-compatible line, the driver or firmware for your modem is the single most important factor in the quality of your connection. Vendors that make modems with this chipset include: This will cause the modem to ignore a DTR drop: