May 13, at 9: DieselDragon and to others, even if you fix your keys, i would refrain from using them to store critical data, they are very delicate and cheap makes! So you should be able to fix it exactly the way i did it, as seems like your last 4 digits are the same for memory. And if so, how could I fix my memory? So might be vista issue. Just loaded it up………put the stick in…. I just wish ebay would take action and stop the sales of fake usb keys which they are very aware of!!

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Ameco MWT USB flash drive repair tool | via Blogger … | Flickr

June 28, at 7: I decided to check a flash drive before using it since I had trouble with one in the past. All it has is an oval sticker with the numbers printed on it representing months, I presumeand some Chinese text in the middle.

Thanks for the blog and help so far. Each row is for a separate memory stick, so many can be programmed at once with the same settings, or individually with the buttons on the left.


Lets see usg they look from inside now. Look at controller in your case happens to be MXTA which the mptools should be able to fix to original capacity aka 1GB or 2.

Download ameco chip firmware MWE software – Flash Drive Repair

Giovanni did you first fix the drive ub you think its faked drive? July 7, at 5: October 15, at 2: Comic for MXTA the steps mentioned above did not work? I tried many software to fix it included that one posted here but nothing to do. The second one I did not investigate.

December 18, at 5: Now its the simplest fix ever after you get right tool. October 20, at 9: Are you familiar with the use of udtools?

October 1, at 3: I left everything as it was and clicked start. My sister picked it up when she was in smeco. September 28, at 1: You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site.

February 9, at 2: October 10, at 2: I just adulation their admeasurement and they consistently appear in absolutely beautiful colors and prints. Youcef the information you provided does not help much, and if a flash disk is about to die its about to die, nothing much can be done, as those drives are cheap drives with rather cheap hardware.


In order to keed this speed tests table amrco, I reserve the right to remove speed test entries that looks extremely unreliable. September 25, at I think I need help on how to set it.

Download Ameco MW8219 formatter utility

October 28, ubs 1: August 26, at 9: I got a fake 16Gb memory stick as well. Support me or Bloggy bloggy by buying us me and my blog items that help us both: February 21, at 6: I still have these fake 64g usb drives. Hi, I wouldlike to give you some info which may help the victimsof fake usb flashpen. October 5, at 5: