The scripts have been upgraded to handle more error recovery scenarios such as an LED at boot after executing our scripts. PCM has two options. United States English English. The disk must not be open for that command to work as shown. The difference is obvious.

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The second one produces a simplified version of the first one. Comments Anonymous on patching python-urllib As a result it may.

The long one being pcmpath query device and the short one called lspcmcfg. After the OS upgrade completes, the correct SDD version must be installed and rekove host attachment script must be reinstalled.

aix removing paths sddpcm rmpath lspath CLOSED FAILED DOWNWaldemar Mark Duszyk

Provide a reason for quarantining this blog entry optional: The bosboot command will rebuild the boot image. Type in a Name: The weak point of this method is the apparent waste rempve paths — only one can be the active path at a time! A few weeks ago, we migrated a DS storage array from one host and connected it via SAN switch to a two node PowerHA cluster where after zoning its LUNs became hdisks part of a new volume group which ended up incorporated into a resource group.


A few quotes from readers: Note that the output has been shortened to increase its clarity. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Subsystem Device Driver Path Control Module (SDDPCM) for IBM AIX

The active rootvg of the SAN boot device is in Open state and hence, the device cannot be removed by the rmdev command.

Everything you explained step by step was detailing my exact problems and the end solution worked for me successfully.

These scripts come with an individual set of instructions, therefore these cannot be made generally available for download. Bellow is the output of the second command. However, the host attachment script cannot be removed because of the active rootvg of the open hdisk.

Posted in Real life AIX. The output of aiz first command pcmpath has been shown earlier in this post.

Be aware that each category, as always, has several subcategories.

To generate the MPIO point of view for the identified disks, enter the following on the command line — adjust accordingly to your own case. Last 60 Minu tes: AIX Links Aix 6. Till morning, hdisk9 through hdisk16 had four paths to connect to their respective LUNs. The chdev command may be used to change the reservation policy, as follows, shown for hdisk Next time the cluster has a scheduled downtime …….


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The -l option shows a list of all options available the columns show the device family, the driver currently used by that family, and the different options available. Stay in touch with the conversation, subscribe to the RSS feed for comments on this post.

Since every customer environment is different, it is required that IBM support first review the host environment and provide the appropriate script. OK, what is important here is the following: Customers have requested we provide instructions to perform this upgrade process within this technote. It is recommended that you reboot the system as soon as possible.

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