Emphasis on the ought , there – see the image tests below A quick scan revealed a few dealers selling basic digicams with reasonable Buy It Now prices. In dim light, moving objects will be blurry, because the camera’s using a long shutter speed. In any case, the only kind of image data you can get out of the PenCams, and various other tiny-cams, is uncompressed. But then again, the penny whistle is a pretty darn limited instrument, and yet people can play a whole bunch of tunes on them. A badly blurred mush?

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Since the DualPix works in any lighting conditions, I felt obliged to do some night shooting with it. Even if its focus were more generally useful, its voice recording is dodgy, and there’s nothing else in its feature set that distinguishes it from other current PenCams.

It also gives you an extra beep every time you take a picture at other than infinity focus – but it takes the picture just fine. When I went outside on a sunny day and panned quickly around various leafy trees instead – creating something of a worst case scenario for compression, with tons of detail in each frame and not much similarity between succeeding frames – aipttek frame rate fell to 3.

The size and frame rate of the clips the DualPix makes depends on the subject matter and lighting. It has manual focus adjustment, it has the ability to take pictures no matter how dark it is they won’t necessarily be good pictures, but at least you qiptek tryand the case’s layout ought to keep your fat fingers out of the way of the lens when you’re taking pictures. It won’t aiptej a person talking in a normal voice unless they’re only a few inches away from it, but it seems to be really good at picking up extraneous noise.


I didn’t see this effect in any of siptek other pictures I took with the DualPix, and it’s not really obnoxious. If you want to at least have a swing at taking quality photographs, though, the Hercules DualPix is the way to go.

There’s a bi-colour LED next to the mode button, which glows red when the Ultra’s plugged into its USB lead and the battery’s charging, and green when it’s charged. Another scene – tree branches against the partially overcast sky. Outdoors during the day you’re pretty much OK; at other times, you’ll find yourself leaning and twisting and fiddling to try to get enough pale-coloured stuff in the image for the camera to take a shot. The colour balance is good, and the focus isn’t too bad – it’s fuzzier, yes, but that’s because the PenCam Ultra I got for review has a more general-purpose mid-field focus setting than the VC 2 I got.

These let you store titchy VGA-resolution images as kilobyte files, which look no better than a 50k or smaller JPG. If your camera doesn’t have zoom and doesn’t have a flash and doesn’t have a lot of resolution then there are obviously some things you just can’t do. It’s really simple – if there isn’t quite a lot of light, they won’t take a picture. Then, the preeety peeectures.

In high illumination, though, the DualPix put some odd alternate-line brightness artifacts into the red portion of the image. If only it worked when the light wasn’t bright.

Driver Aiptek PenCam VR N/A

But it worked OK for me. Same old story – focus lousy, distortion nasty. The PenCam Ultra does a better job of the swing and slide picture.

While you do dishes! After downloading and installing Aiptek Pencam Vr Manager, or the driver installation manager, take a few minutes to send us a report: Any vaguely decent image editing program, including the ones that all three of these little-cams give you, lets you play with contrast and brightness and colour saturation and sharpness.


The DualPix also offers a by pixel resolution mode – indeed, it defaults to this “HQ” mode when you turn it on. The Taiwanese site just lets you grab the files. I got nothing worthwhile out of really dark scenes, but if a road’s got aipptek lights on both sides then you’ll lencam able to get grainy but identifiable pictures of the buildings from the DualPix.

Put the switch in the off position and it’s like removing the AAA cells from one of the other PenCams – you lose the memory contents, but the battery charge is maintained. Not an amazing gigantic difference, but a significant one. On to the DualPix. So it’s actually not too bad for basic macrophotography purposes – it manages about 30 pixels per millimetre at its closest setting, or penfam than dots per inch.

Driver Aiptek PenCam Trio N/A (free) – Download latest version in English on phpnuke

It’s bigger than the PenCams but still hardly bulky, its user interface beats the Aipteks, it’s got a penca, image download feature, its by mode is good for something, and it works at night.

If you want real video clips, the DualPix can make them. I get the feeling that Aiptek isn’t aiming this product at big hairy men who subscribe to Soldier of Fortune and own Rottweilers.

Select Your Operating System, download zipped files, and ajptek proceed to manually install them. Well, it was easy for me.