User Name User Name The user name is useful for selecting a To select the title destination when sending faxes or e- mail. Faxing Originals unsuitable for the optional Setting a Scan Area Auto Document Feeder Normally, a placed document is Do not place the following types of scanned according to the automati- originals in the ADF because they cally detected size. Copies 2 one-sided pages onto a two-sided page. It cannot communicate directly with other parties. Appendix Covers Using this function, you can insert cover and back sheets fed from a different tray to that of the main paper, and print on them. ADF, and check if the machine com- does not turn off when municating with a computer.

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Gestetner Aficio DSC

The ma- rection fluid and ink has complete- chine rotates the copy image by ly dried. License is also granted to make and use derivative works provided that such works are identified as “derived dsd the RSA Data Security, Inc. For related default settings, see p. If no subject is specified, one is automatically assigned in the format shown in 1 above.

Placing Originals Original sizes difficult to detect The machine finds afici difficult to detect the size of the following kinds of origi- nals. You can specify the number of print sets. Lights when a message is received into memory with Confidential Reception or Control Panel Display Panel The display panel shows machine status, error messages, and function menus.


You can also register the programmed fax numbers and e-mail addresses in a Group. Bluetooth Allows you to expand the interface. Control Panel Reading the destination list When using the facsimile function, only fax and Internet Fax destinations pro- grammed in the Address Book appears.

D D D D Select the message. For details, see p. Keep any record of your password in a secure place. Metric 0—30 mm increments of 1 version D Press [Change] under Password.

Although factory default settings are suitable for most printing jobs, Printer Ssc tures gives you access to a number of settings that control basic printer opera- tions.

Staple Position The specified staple position varies depending on paper size, type, quantity and feed orientation. The following are the three types of collate: For this reason, printing may continue for a few pages Delete the stored print job, and after you press [Job Reset].

Tray 2] to [Tray Paper Size: The following procedures are not necessary when setting custom sizes using the printer driver.

Interrupts the current operation trans- mission, scanning, copying, or printing.

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You can change this default setting. Indicates a potentially hazardous situation which, if instructions are not followed, may result in minor or moderate injury or damage to property.


The ENERGY STAR Guidelines intend to establish an international energy-saving system for developing and introducing energy-efficient office equipment to deal with environmental is- sues, such as global warming.

Preparing to Print Installing the Software This manual assumes you are familiar Auto Run with general Windows procedures and practices. Important Contents of this manual are subject to change without prior notice.


Allows Appears on Quick Dial keys pro- you to switch from one page dis- grammed as a transfer station. Getting Started Control Panel Faxing B Press [OK].

Select this to individually scan the size of originals loaded in the ADF. The IPP setting dialog box A list of machines that can appears. Adjusting Colours see p. Some types of originals are un- shown in the above illustrations, suitable for the ADF, so they must be the fax header will be printed on placed on the exposure glass.

Appendix Punch With the optional finisher installed, holes can be punched into printed output. This allows you to handle jobs efficiently, regardless of how the machine is being used.