Black Gang Leader Maryann Kelman Hot Dog Vendor Kevin Lund Fifteen-year-old Brad Anderson is supposed to go to his friend Daryl Coopersmith’s house to spend the night, but he changes his mind when he finds that Chris is the sitter. They take Brad to the university hospital, where he receives a stitch. When they are inside the party reference is correctly made to it being a “Kappa” party. Dawson as Vincent Phillip D’Onofrio.

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Pruitt and the group run out of the hospital, they are being chased by the police.

Full Cast & Crew

As the kids get close to the camera, you can see a shadow of a boom microphone on the white wall on the bay side of the frame. Chris, Daryl, and Brad go on to the top floor after seeing her out the window and rescue her. Debra Hill Lynda Obst. Retrieved from ” https: Sara slips away to look at a toy store while Chris yells at Mike.

There are several skyline shots showing the Associates Center now called Smurfit Stone with buildings, different landmarks and an El Train route. When Joe pulls the newly stolen car into the garage for the first time and Brad, Sara, tduck Daryl lean over to stare out the window, the crew is reflected in the glass of the window. Boy on Street uncredited Andrew Shue Harmonica Player uncredited Jaap Broeker Adventures adventurees Slumberland Christmas with the Kranks Dawson as Vincent Phillip D’Onofrio.


She goes to the renovated top floor and uses a rope to slip out the window. These could be new elevators in an older installation, however. At the warehouse, the kids are sent adventurres to the office.

He chose Adventures in Babysitting because he felt comfortable with its scale. They are found and chased again by Greydon and Bleak but escape on the Chicago “L” train and wind up in the middle of a gang fight. adentures

Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. The bus station is supposedly only 30 minutes from the Andersons’ house, yet as Chris and the kids are heading there, it has suddenly become nighttime outside although it wasn’t even dusk when they left the house.

Pruitt gets out of his semi at his home, the camera crew is babh in his truck’s rear view mirror.

They take Aitting to the university hospital, where he receives a stitch. Chicago as Dennis Delamata Tony Eldridge Smells Like Teen Spirit. If this is the case, the call buttons and directional indicators would’ve almost definitely been replaced as well.

The chocolate never touched her hands, so she couldn’t have left the fingerprints on the buttons.


: GMC General in “Adventures in Babysitting, “

When the kids are boarding the elevator in the office building, the buttons indicate that it is an Otis Series 1 elevator.

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This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat With Sara’s encouragement, Chris and Dan kiss outside as Brad closes the blinds. Chris and the kids hide in the adulterer’s Cadillac, tryck is then car-jacked by a thief named Joe Gipp.

Adventures in Babysitting

When Chris and the children start walking on the I-beam above the bad guys hideout, looking down from the kids’ point of view, there is a metal chain hanging over it. Adventures in Babysitting Did You Know? Retrieved December 28, Retrieved July 18, For his directorial debut, Columbus said he reviewed a hundred scripts. In this case, the left side of the diamond, according to a view of the roof as Chris drops the rope to Sara.

In other words, the elevator is partly Otis Series 1 and partly some other brand.