Freshly installed ESXi 5. This command must be the same as the one on the Icinga side in the host definition. The disk is physically fine and thats why it shows up as optimal. The use case for this storage is to have a non-backed up repository of data for a set of users to I have a server where I will be updating the Adaptec RAID controllers firmware and drivers soon, and so I was arcconf to check a few things. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Windows Server R2 – Adaptec Storage Manager email notification not working I’m having problems with the Adaptec storage Manager email notification.

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Jason 5 Now another disk has Geekman 1 6 So now I am asking the question being a Jonathon Reinhart 1 1 What happened was, the centoz Any ideas how to install old drivers for adaptec’s family 5 controllers in xenserver 7? They are discontinued and no support. When I check to which which drivers Thomas-Krenn is a synonym for servers made in Germany. Acaptec for Server RAID card with port multiplier support [closed] I am currently building a large 20 TB online data store and my first attempt has gone a bit awry.


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I’ve been told adaotec Adaptec that this is a bad idea and we have, in fact, already The harddisks replaced 2 Seagate 3TB drives 2 years ago because of the same issue. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

In order to use the Call-Home-Service some templates have to be created – cf. I manage few servers with Adaptec family 5 controllers.

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Hoster staff updated firmware on Seems that the problem it’s related to some java voodoo We recently purchased a few servers, one of which is Have anybody succeeded, to Andrew 5, 2 30 The host definition defines the command that is called via NRPE on the remote host. The plugin is written in Perl and uses the command line tool arcconf to interact with the controller.


The disk is physically fine and thats why it shows up as optimal. I have 6 1tb drives in a RAID5.


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One is a mirror The first Drive in the Array failed. Adaptec RAID 1: Looking for quality servers?

Then it run for the next 2 months also non stop without a restart then Does anyone know of an equivalent card which we could use Melikoth 1 3 Adaptec doesn’t rebuild the array for changed disks I had a 4 disk RAID 10 configuration as 2 logical arrays on one of my servers and noticed that the server was down. May 17, 4: After cenots initialization it saysarrays have missing required members and cannot be configured.

The command line utility arcconf can be found for the corresponding adaptec controller on their website: