About Us Who are we? If you are after a highly portable way of projecting your work then look no further than the C Our Vendors Reviews Contact Us. This means you could in theory dump the laptop and bringing a lighter tablet and projector along with your, great news for people who travel a lot on business. Acer C Pico Projector. On top of working out of a single USB cable — which means no power adapter, no tangle of cables and no issues with plugs — it weighs a mere handful of grams g and measures just x85x25 mm, thus allowing to make brilliant presentations without adding any burden. Best tablet deals for Christmas

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Carry it along with your laptop and you can present anywhere — perfect for your mobile lifestyle. You may also like. A ” projection at 50 lumens will appear washed out even in the darkest of rooms. Apple confirms some iPad Pros are bent when they ship to you.

We connected the C to both a Windows laptop and an Android tablet, both of which instantly recognised the projector and began to light the wall with our computer screen. This means you could in theory dump the laptop and bringing a lighter tablet and projector along with axer, great news for people who travel a lot on business.

Additional Product Features Form Factor. With Quick Start feature, the projector is ready for use in less than 15 seconds after power-on.


The problems ranged from really low framerates to ghastly artefacting and aliasing, despite trying out various permutations and combinations of systems, codecs, and playback software.

Or LCDs your thang? Using it in well-lit rooms, however, calls for a smaller image size preferably projected onto a high-gain screen. The USB plug and play style connectivity worked really well. Skip to main content.

Acer C Pico projector hands-on

In addition to its solid performance and easy-to-use functions, this projector is also eco-friendly, making it an even more ideal choice for presentations and projjector viewing. Which Apple iPad is best for you?

The Acer C offers connectivity options, such as a USB port and a mini HDMI port, so users can access documents and multimedia files stored in an external device or deliver their presentations without even the need for a computer. Unless you like your movies in slow-motion, replete with psychedelic colours and artefacting, this projector is out of the contention.

It only needs a single USB cable to connect to your laptop and be powered while allowing you to enjoy your favorite movies, your holiday pictures or show your presentations.

Nachiket Mhatre 06th Dec The three readers that are interested in having spreadsheets and presentations projected on their ceilings may want to hang around, because there’s loads of interesting stuff coming your way. All product information can be accessed by contacting our sales department. About Us Who are we?


What you should know is that a projector’s screen size is restricted by its brightness. Dynamic Usability Acer SmartFormat technology provides complete multi-format support so users no longer need to adjust the resolution of the notebook. Show More Show Less.

Acer C110 Pico projector hands-on

Producing bright and clear images, this compact LED pico projector has resolution that ranges from x pixels to x pixels. The Pocket-lint gang were lucky enough to grab a quick play with the new C at an Acer event.

More items related to this product. Those interested in movies or games might projecor well stop reading now. Acer C Pico Projector. Pick the C up and you will immediately notice how light it is.

Acer C DLP Projector | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

Acer provides an optional 25″ grey screen for Rswhich strikes a good balance between contrast and brightness. Whilst not being quite the same quality as the more expensive projector competition, there is little on the market currently which is of a similar size and boasts USB power.

With 20,hour life, the Acer C is ideal for business and educational purposes and can be used for presentations on the go as well.

It ships with a USB Y-cable, which is too short to be of any use.