What is quad core integer speed? Would you go for this one? You can use it to surf the Web and do homework and basic computing tasks. Hi DjFonti As of now, 10gb h. Depending on your other hardware and also future upgrade pathways, Watts seems like it should be enough but if you have future plans to add more in, then maybe upsize to W.

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The video below shows how to upgrade the graphics card in your Acer Aspire TC computer.

You can use it to surf the Web and do homework and basic computing tasks. I did some research and this seems right: If budget is a concern, opt for one of grapbics lower options in the list: Shut down the computer and turn off at the wall or unplug entirely.

I have an Acer aspire t what graphics card can I use to play Diablo 3? : buildapc

How much free space do you have at the end of the card? What is a CPU?

Give it a spin. What is single core mixed CPU speed? It only matters when it comes to performance. Nothing too fancy; it’s geaphics budget PC, after all. I have an old computer here. They often have a lot of slightly different model numbers and it can get confusing pretty quickly. The rest are old or defunct companies that no longer produce competitive graphics aspiree, or are only available together with their motherboards or CPUs e. For a direct comparison of memory performance, look at Memory Bandwidth.


However, some of them will require a 6-pin PCI-e power connector. Just a quick update. Submit a new text post.

I take your point about the card being underpowered, but I think in this case it just simply isn’t up to the task. I did manage to get a decent sized card to fit in this case. But with the Internet having become a richer multimedia environment, the Aspire T will feel unbearably slow. This may void geaphics warranty.

Acer Aspire T180 Graphics Upgrade

Take my advice and shell out a little more for a much better system. What is the GeekBench score? Great info, definitely something to watch out for on these models that come from big brands like Acer, Asus, Dell etc. There is onboard graphics in the system that came with and the result was the same with that as well.

I did also decide to add self rigged a Corsair mm fan to the side of the case by just flaring out a couple of the vent holes on the side of the case and placed it inside to pull air in. Are you an Acer Computer and Internet Expert?


Graphics card upgrade on Acer T180. Advice?

It only has two slots and currently sits 12GB an 8gb and a 4gb in dual channel mode. Register now to gain access to all of our features, it’s FREE and only takes one minute.

What is the worse that could happen if i install y180 How it works – Download and run UserBenchMark. Take my advice and shell out a little more for a much better system.

Can I change the chassis of my acer aspire TC to a gaming tower? No FPS Data at this time.