Not a big point with the OC crowd, but some of you first time system builders could see this as a big bonus. Well still, I was a little disappointed at what I saw. This gives a system speed rating of 5. Well, let’s start out with the good stuff, no jacking around. Turbo sounded good to me, so I used it! While pulling the standard, early pfutzing with the motherboard, I found a couple of interesting BIOS settings. I was more interested in stability than benchmarks.

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The VA6 has a number of features that are very desirable in a new motherboard, and a few deficiencies.

And as for multipliers, you will find: However, when we incorporated this same test system into a computer with two network cards, a Sound Blaster Platinum card, a modem and a GeForce video card, instabilities occurred at both MHz MHz on the bus and MHz MHz on the bus.

Dead k New build. In case you’re wondering, the ‘6’ comes from vs6 generation Intel-compatible processor.

VIA Apollo Pro 133/133A Motherboard Roundup – February 2000

Up to this point, not too bad. Let’s get funky with the standard features table. This is pretty cool if you have a speedy drive or are going to get one. So what’s up with that?

I’m glad I’m not the only one surprised, however. Intel says it is converting it’s entire processor line over to the Flip-Chip format, but there are very few motherboards that will take this new format chip without an adapter. Been a while since we have done a mainboard review eh?


Hardware One Reviews – Abit VA6 VIA Apollo Pro Motherboard (Page 1)

What we have been graced here with is something that sort of stayed under wraps for a while. Features Galore Interestingly, there were many other new options that I had not been aware of on my older Abit.

Conclusion After days of v6a, I was comfortable with the board in the system and everything worked as it should have. Three fan connectors round this board out and make me smile. Hopefully, companies like Abit will remedy this situation soon.

Good layout on the board, but really I just wanted you to see what exactly we were doing. Several benchmarks indicated that the system was relatively stable, but I did notice a few glitches. Onboard audio and gameport! In this process of expanding, ABIT has taken a path that they have never journeyed down before.

Benchmarking under Direct 3D was done with 3D Mark at a resolution of X in 16 bit color. Finally after all these years we have a bit different platform.

ABIT VA6 Apollo Pro Slot-1 ATX

Nevertheless, this is a viable alternative to the BX chipset and its stability and low price will be its selling point. With all the cables properly attached, I crossed my fingers and booted the system.


The explanations are concise and clear, and the vw6 almost always worked. I did not observe a single glitch during several hours of testing and benchmarking with the v card.

ABIT VA6 Apollo Pro 133 Slot-1 ATX

As always, the thumbnails are clickable for a larger image, so as to not totally disregard the dudes with skinny fa6. But, for the full scoop on stability, stay tuned. The fact that the E stepping B0 would run stably at MHz on the front side bus with the rather small heat sink and fan provided by Intel means that higher speeds may be possible when newer motherboards offer bus speed anit above MHz.

The ga6 booted just fine, and so I started up 3D Mark to run benchmarks. Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. So I leave it to be.

The scores shown below are an average of 3 test runs each. If that is not enough, it also has a USB header for further expansion if you intend to get 2 additional USB plugs for the machine. Low Notes added after posting: A Few Quick Benchmarks: