P mhz, 64mb, Ati mach64, voodoo2 24mb? Western Digital Gb Case: Intel Dual Core 2. The list above doesn’t include these.. It was fun to build too! Still need to run Windows dual boot for some necessary applications.

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The wood one is an old IBM computer with a mhz processor. Thats where swap comes into play.

I can 760gxk8mc-sr imagine how it would suck with windows on it. But, on this base, Ubuntu runs SO swift and so fluidly The camo one is my test box, it runs dual 1ghz with 1gig ram.

I have a Sony Vaio S series, 2 years old.

Installed Ubuntu on it IBM Thinkpad T30 1. Because it’s in the kitchen, our most used room in the house.

Foxconn Windows 98 Sound Card Drivers Download

I think it’s a second gen D Laptop’s getting aged too: Dell i With ubuntu feisty smooshed with ubuntu gutsy The list above doesn’t include these. There are also unlisted machines.


The only surviving compenents, I think, are the power supply, floppy drive, and case Intel Pentium 4 3. Last last one I won’t count. It just came back alive a few months later.

Well I thought I would show off the two unusual ones I have Old but still fast enough. Well, I do too!

What kind of computer do you use?- Super Thread [Archive] – Page 5 – Ubuntu Forums

See sig below, but I’ll fill in the gaps: My older computers, which are no longer with me, were: I have a new machine: I just made the best setup EVER! Toshiba t laptop 20mHzorange plasma display 7.

I have an Apple MacPro with: My main PC err ATI radeon mobility, mb of vram Hard Drive: Custom built Intel P4 2. But now I’m just wishing I am able to get a laptop.

Foxconn Video Drivers Download

I am currently running with a BFG GT mb version which I bought, I added mb of extra ram to bring it to mb ddr both working as since one chip is slower speed than the other. Add patch for Clear screen before waiting password input as usual rule.


Right now my comps are in disarray there are only 760gxk8mc-r comps actually working at my place right now.

Wish I had some of those set ups myselft.