If the software for the system-control computer is downloaded to a disc, initialization of setting values in Specific Channel Setting mode is performed as follows: Please exchange the power cord if necessary. Set the recording rate beforehand. Be sure to use important parts for safety. Lights during playback of a DTS source. I was told that theres issue with these cards. Although the diagnostic program is designed to function independently from the unit’s functions, an operation on the unit during a diagnosis may cause a malfunction.

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X oscillates only in analog input.

D Yes Pin 26 Does a signal output it? Yes No Execute writing test, if required. The ID data disc is swept out automatically after the recorder has read the data from it.

It becomes the inactive in the idle state. When the cover is opened, close viewing of the objective lens with the naked eye will cause exposure to a Class 3A laser beam.


Samsung and CD-ROM drivers

Yes KN B Is 3. No Waiting for communication to be established.

Yes No Rxp IC A block other than the HDD is in failure. Tuner 2 ch V: The parts mounted on this PCB include all necessary parts for several destinations. Failure in HDD Measures to be taken: Remove the seven screws.

Download Samsung – CD-ROM drivers free –

Timeout for TP mode change Av: Product safety Please conform to product regulations such as safety and radiation regulationsand maintain a safe servicing environment by following the safety instructions described in this manual.

This is a simplified diagnosis for the HDD.

The setting data to be stored in nonvolatile memory in General Setting mode are as shown in Table 2 below: H fixed, Low speed: Remove the clamper section. Yes Release the reset of PT microcomputer.


Starts retrial after detecting timeout from reverse pause to forward pause Rv: While the first screen is displayed, press directly one of the keys Yes Has command arrived? The recorder is in the process of a DV output operation No: A copy-permitted source is being input.


However, the following data is deleted after downloading by this method. Make sure that the recorder is on.

The connected DV device is not correctly identified. The HDD has not been authenticated. No No Replace IC Tests to be executed 1 HDD Information: Care must be taken when updating this subscreen, because an undesired command is inserted if it is executed while recording, etc.


Set the recording rate beforehand. Cancel timer settings before entering Aging mode.

Press again to change the speed.