I wonder what might replace their AeroBurner line. With blade you just made bogey or double. One way to explain the improved launch conditions is that I hit the G drivers more consistently. Will these clubs really hit the ball any farther if the average golfer uses them? News 3 weeks ago. Will i get more distance with a smaller driver head or a bigger driver head?

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I’m just as long with vvs old and TP as I am anything else. I play to scratch so I know a good swing from a bad one. On its own speaking only about the size, there is no technical reason why a larger size head would bring about a difference in performance vs a smaller head.

But on the other hand, I would bet the farm that you would not be able to buy one of the actual heads made for the long drive guys with their slightly thicker face. Head size has a bearing on the off center hit performance though.

Water melon on a stick. Played with the R1 for years, it is a great driver, bought the M1 a couple of weeks ago. It is literall impossible to pick up 5 mph at max cor.

Review: TaylorMade M1 and M1 drivers – GolfWRX

Jay Oct 8, at 5: With good MOI cavity back, you got away with that off center hit and made par. That’s where the bigger heads come into play: I will put it in play on Monday 18 Jan If you had a week or so to be able to be without the two clubs such that you could send them to us, we can do that in about an hour or so and let you know what we find and then get the clubs back to you totally intact and with no changes from how they are now.


Actually, it created a bit too much draw bias for him, which is why the loft setting was lowered 1-click to 9 degrees. Waqar Oct 12, at Personally I’m overhauling my woods set The crown also features a white titanium front section just to keep the white and black camps happy, although it is interesting to note that TaylorMade are not ruling out an all black version yet.

Driver Clubhead Size and Performance – Who Wins?

Rick Wiley April 30, This came about originally when we all were not as good as we are today at controlling the strength of the titanium faces on driver heads. MT Nov 1, at That led to a significant improvement 460cd distance. This can be beneficial: Before they settle into the festive period, they have been busy working on a more compact, cc version of their successful SLDR driver.

A solid hit goes as far as my Ping G2 cc. What song is floating around in your head?


cc Driver Vs Smaller Heads(cc) Poll – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

My average driving was yards with a couple of yarders. Tom Wishon January 9, I am terribly addicted to shiny new golf equipment. Gary May 23, No other group of golfers in the world tests golf clubs as frequently or as extensively as GolfWRX Members. My G30 LS just got replaced by the M1.

Are the larger driver heads really such an advantage?

The adjustability helped me dial in long and straight drives. Then the next question always is, how with TM beat itself with its next driver. It seems to me that they just keep throwing stuff out there to see what sticks! Since the 430ccc head must rotate counter clockwise for a right handed player 460ccc freely release the clubhead to the force of gravity and centrifugal force I cannot find a better way to take advantage of the club heads desire to rotate toe down.

The sweet spot is a clubs center of gravity CG. Published 2 years ago on Mar 22,