EXE this is a link to it, i could not attach as it would not let me attach a zip larger than 97k here for some reason: I loaded trumpet tcpdrv. Does it use protected mode? As for the second solution, it’s on a wire going directly to the router. And more power to you. In that case it could probably be modified to work by someone more knowledgeable on x86 assembly than me! Just because you got a MAC address doesn’t mean it worked, or that it is even talking to an Ethernet card.

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I also changed IRQ to 5. Then i used trumpet ping utility at the web config adress I just tried the packetdriver with my card and a D-link DI router using 3ckm lan port but without any wan connected If yes with which paket driver?

I also got two very similar cards, with another maker chips, google too says they should be NE compatible. The card gets initialized, but not a single bit is doss.

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA.

Last card I will have I do not have yet is this card. Do you have one or are you running the DX4 at 5v? I hope at least this will work in XT.


This site hosts no abandonware. It’s not going to work. Not a drama for me, because I don’t 3c590 networking on anything less than a anywho.

3Com 3c509

This is verified in two different machines. I tried to load NE packet driver and ping. Again for me historic accuracy, while important, is secondary.

EXE still runs just fine in it.

3Com 3c – Wikipedia

Just a heads doz, it doesn’t seem to work with the 3CB-TP cards. Anyway, I am sure some folks are curious to the system itself, so here are some pictures. Users browsing this forum: Holy crap, this actually works for me.

I don’t recall the details but it’s in the datasheet for these cards. I must have around ten of them. But first i must get a NIC. I did not see any activity on LEDs. Now that the programming part has been done, there is no more headache.

Ironically I just posted these exact questions in with some others in an above do XD Thought this was worth a shot and it has worked for me too! But 3dom do not manage to connect and ping my D-link router unfortunatly i lack twisted pair to try connect another computer directly. Note that some newer cards didn’t have jumper headers soldered or even didn’t have a place for them on the PCB.


I’ve looked at the Cyrnwr packet drivers before and they are well structured. Here is a link to a web site that allows you to look them up: If not, then you probably require an appropriate setup program for each that is, settings are maintained in an NVRAM chip.

I guess there is a lot of 3c out there even more then PC-XT’s available so if someone did a port it would be used to get alot of vintage NIC networking, i can see it is not much code but probably alot of knowledge that would have to go into it. Not exactly cheap but then I am not relying on hacked drivers to make them work. Again which paket driver should I use?