Should you have a warranty issue, proof will be required. Our sbc engines will have the pistons setting right at zero with the deck. After receiving many recommendations from our engine builders, we came up with the best quality, best flowing heads on the market relative to cost. I can tell you for sure that using such low grade, “no-name” roller rockers is asking for trouble. These values should be in the recommended safe zone. Many cam choices are available to suit your needs. Peak torque actually dropped by 5 lb.

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We have honestly seen valve tips that were scalloped out due to the front roller dragging across them. Horsepower rating would drop off by approximately 25 with this cam when using the single plane intake and 1.

Official Dyno report on our 3833 with this cam choice, a single plane intake with 1.

The use of such high quality parts will determine not only the performance, but the endurance and reliability expected. The exhaust evac system will pull the crankcase gases out dailyy the engine at a very smooth and controlled rate.

We followed that up with several pulls that netted almost identical power curves, which showed us that the engine was very repeatable.

First Test! Lunati Bootlegger Cam in a 383

The SFI certification is laser etched into the side. This off idle instant torque allows the horque to keep its speed up decently when the R4 drops into second gear, and the same low rpm also allows the overdrive gear to operate normally at very low rpm.


Finding a gear at any cruising speed to hit it hard is easily accomplished with a manual compared to an automatic. There are many benefits to this service. Before you finalize your purchase of this engine, you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart. I can tell you for sure that using such low grade, “no-name” roller rockers is asking for trouble.

It’s well known that the deck dissipates much of the built up heat an engine generates. This could be a plus in some cases.

Horsepower – Ft-Lb Torque Small Block Chevy | JMac Performance

This is what you will find in most solid roller engines, as they have very high spring rates, and create an enormous load on the chain and gears, compared to non solid roller setups. This setup will generate its peak power at approx. This increase in torque down low is what you want if you’re sporting toqrue on the street, rather than all out racing.

We balance every rotating assembly we sell within 2 grams or less at no extra charge. Internal rotating parts cast iron drum are very heavy and create a huge drag compared to most any other trans. Final assembly began with a set of King rod and main bearings and 3833 cam bearings that can take the abuse of the mild increase in spring pressure without pushing out.

This LS head upgrade also includes of PAC springs set up with pounds of load on the seat and pounds of open pressure, just to make sure the valves stay where they are directed.


A Powerhouse of a Small-Block Torque Tales – Hot Rod Network

Before you finalize your purchase of this engine you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart. No can be built up to the level of a while running pump gas with the same compression. Edelbrock Retro Roller Camshaft Intake: Notice the torque curve on the graph below.

Our late-model block was designed to accept a standard hydraulic roller, including the factory retainers and spyder holddown assembly. Delivery times may vary, togque during peak periods.

Cons None, simply none! The Holley aluminum heads used on this engine were equipped with a valvespring package designed for a low-lift flat-tappet cam. It seems like some engine builders do not care how long the parts in your engine last, or they simply don’t know this. Steoker cam profiles were available but this mild hydraulic roller seemed ideal for our daily driven stroker buildup.

Pros No TV cable to deal with or saily linkage. We finish off with a natural bristle brush. They start by adding a set of 2.

Before you finalize your purchase of this assembly you may add any of these upgrades to your shopping cart.