I had completely forgotten about the old forum. It’s throwing out exceptions for all kinds of things now. I don’t read nor write Klingonian or any other language than English and German. Does ProgDVB store run-time data into the Windows registry perhaps which isn’t getting flushed when it should? Allright, from looking at my drivers, and what’s in the site below, http: Yeah, you were right, none of them worked

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I noticed that even though my. Had no luck at all trying to copy some of the files from one installation to another. You diglwave try to keep the device file that came with the original software package, and don’t delete the old installation but make a full backup copy into another folder. Went into the device list and enabled Geniatech, no problem.

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I also decided to try the new 4. I should check my card to see exactly what Conexant chips it uses since the drivers look like Generic Conexant ones. Join Date Jul Posts Lotsa info re Digiwave receivers but not card. If in doubt, check the properties of each, most of them dgiiwave details.


With these installed, the device manager list is considerably more detailed. OnClick EventArgs e at System.

And I will never assist on PayTV figiwave. The included version 4. I don’t read nor write Klingonian or any other language than English and German.

Keep this in mind. Allright, from looking at my drivers, and what’s in the site below, http: I need softwear is digistar pci dvbs driver. The installation demands the selection of the type of card and, based on some searching, I have tried both BDA-compatible and also Geniatech.

The results however are still the same. Sorry, but I dont know how diseqc support is implemented in these drivers. Frequency generators, caps, resistors, That is what I was doing when I got the exception below.

Addressing me personally in any exotic language will be treated as severe insulting! At least this time I saved the Java exception that was produced. This is often an indication that other memory is corrupt.

Searched there and voila just what I needed to know. Once again it worked perfectly. When I installed I specified “none” for the device type. As expected there are also drivers on the installation CD so I decided to try those instead of whatever Vista finds by default through Windows Update.


Any DVB-S (PCI CARD) PROS? small issue with digiwave g card – Forums

I completely uninstalled and removed the folders for both v4 and 130g and reinstalled them and I am still stuck with the above errors Wonder how many cards uses the same chipset like this one. I will perhaps try a new installation folder or maybe try to reboot after uninstall to see if stuff gets flushed and allows it to work again.

It is version 4. From that point on I was back to the miserable state I had earlier. DLL msvcm80 Assembly Version: If it wasn’t for my trying to switch devices it would probably still be xigiwave now. Is anyone using this card?